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Top 5 Ugly Mugs from Your Mizzou ID Photos [Twitter Contest]

We’ve all had that picture, the one where we just didn’t know whether to throw out an awkward smirk, mean-mug, or look totally put-together and smise the hell out of the camera. Unfortunately, ID pictures never turn out to be any of those. They’re dark-looking, your hair always seems to be out of place, and even if you flipped it, you’d still be just as ugly. That’s why on Twitter we asked you to reply with your horrible Mizzou ID photos so we don’t feel as ugly.

Check out the replies to our tweet to see all the souls brave enough to post their ugly mug on the Internet. But we can’t all be winners, so here are the worst of the worst, the top 5 ugly mugs from your Mizzou ID photos:

5.) Gabbrielle:Yikes. This one might not be so bad if the lighting was a tad better. We’re not blaming you girl, you still showed off those pearly whites.

4.) Drake:Is this supposed to be a mug shot or are you just high? The glare off your glasses is not flattering my friend. It’s the 21st century now dude, invest in some damn contacts.

3.) Ryan:
If this weren’t actual proof of a Mizzou Student ID, we would have thought you were the next pedophile on KOMU news at 6. You ever heard of a comb? Yeah, well get one. Maybe some eye drops too.

2.) Joshua:
Screw the picture man. Your name says it all. And that cheeser of a smile you got going on there is only adding to the comedy of your name.

1.) Kathleen Conaghan:
Girl, why the hell didn’t you ask for a retake? Let us guess, you were recovering from your first little hangover and didn’t have the fucks to give. That’s okay, we understand. But we think it’s worth the $15 to just retake the damn thing. You deserve better. All of our eyes deserve better.

Thanks for being brave enough to share your ugly, smiling faces with us. Now you’ll have to live with the possible fear that they could resurface at any time. Ain’t that a bitch. 

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