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Top 7 Sexiest Mizzou Alumni

Many universities in this great country have shelled out some of the most influential and sexiest people of our time. Mizzou is no exception. The Tigers have had some of Hollywood’s most famous stars walk the same sticky sidewalks that MU students are on right now. And now The Black Sheep has gotten its hands on past photos, documents, and testimonials to show you the top 7 most suriously sexy Mizzou alumni.

7.) Jon Hamm:jon-hammHamm is widely known for his work on the TV series Mad Men and guest appearances on Parks and Recreation. Little did the producers of the show know that Mad Man was Hamm’s nickname back in college. Along with the nicknames “Hamm bone-r,” “Hamm Slice,” and “Hamm Wallet,” his wild libido and stunning cheek bones led Hamm to earn the title of a Mad Man from many of his late night guests. It was also found out that most of his hook-ups were done both in a park and recreationally, which likely led him to his guest appearance on Park and Recreation.

6.) Sheryl Crow:sheryl-crowCrow graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Arts degree for music composition, performance, and education. She could serenade any guy that passed her on the street with just the sound of her voice if her drop-dead gorgeous physique wasn’t enough. This led her to win 9 Grammy Awards later in life. Yes, she is growing slightly older and may soon be entering into her own grammy age, but don’t underestimate her, she can still get anyone she wants on campus even in her mid-fifties. CROW YEAH!

5.) Sam Walton:sam-waltonLet’s take it back now to a simpler time in MU’s history when Sam Walton used to roam the Missouri Campus. Walmart has become the one stop shop for most college students in need of cheap goods fast. Hot Shot Walton was preppy, sophisticated, and above all a playa’. He may seem innocent in today’s modern age, but back in the day he did what most playboys don’t dare do today. He was known for loosening girdles, talking slang, and asking to see ankle. The type of shit he’d be into today…it’s no wonder some of the first items that appeared in Walton’s super store were leather pants and paddles. Walton was the original frat man and playboy in the early 20th century.

4.) Candice Crawford:candice-crawfordCrawford is without a doubt hmmm…too good for anyone. Except her NFL quarterback Tony Romo. Be that as it may, Crawford has made herself a name at Mizzou for winning Miss Missouri in 2011 and being in the Top 10 for Miss USA. What else is there to say? 

3.) Andrew Cherng:andrew-cherngHot or not, Cherng the best kind of sour and sweet. He can kung pow our chickens any day of the week. He is the creator of Panda Express and has been serving people delicious, fast Chinese food for many years. Cherng in college would hang a bowl of lo mein on his door when he had ‘company’ to let his roommate know things were getting hot and spicy. He will continue to wow and amaze in the future.

2.) Hope Driskill:hope-driskillYou Hope to get it with Driskill. This feisty Mizzou alum was contestant on the hit game show Survivor. While she got eliminated early in the game, it’s still great to see one of our own attempting to win a show only dogs and asleep grandpas still actually watch.

1.) Brad Pitt:brad-pittWell, shit. It’s Brad Pitt. Nuff said.

These sexy alumni put us all to shame with their dashing good looks and beautiful bods. But hey, it gives us hope to know we walk the same grounds that they once did, and maybe some of their beautifulness will rub off on us.


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