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Top 7 Spots in the J-School for Your First Meltdown of the Semester

You feel it coming on, and no it’s not the flu. Rage is starting to turn your face red and the tears are starting to form behind your eyes. Yup, you guessed it. It’s the first meltdown of the semester! So, what do you do? The answer is not to throw a fit in the middle of campus. Instead, you should shield yourself inside. And now you must decide which building to call your lair while you ugly cry. Might The Black Sheep suggest some spots around the J-school…

7.) Check out this groovy chair:
Nothing cheers up the quarter-life crisis blues like an out-of-theme, unnecessary 70’s chair. Bonus points for the window. Imagine the dramatic episodes you can have when it rains outside. Try to make your tears fall faster than the rain!

6.) Bathrooms are classic crying spots:
The lighting in here also happens to be pretty kick ass. Your face may be tear-stained, but thanks to the lighting the mirror says you’re a contoured goddess.

5.) A creepy hallway fit for a creep:
Sniffle your snot away in peace in this basement catacomb of the J-school. Pretend you’re a troll who lurks underneath lecture halls.

4.) For those of you freaks who like to make your misery public, take advantage of this lounge:
Take your rage out on those rolling chairs, you monster. When you finally calm down fall asleep on one of the couches or cuddle up on top of a table.

3.) This corner has prime selfie lighting:
So you can keep up your Snap streaks despite crying for fear of your future. Try jumping out and scaring those who walk around the corner. Making someone else’s day miserable can only make yours better.

2.) This bridge is perfect for those who like to get in the way of others with their rage:
Lay in the middle of the bridge, making sure no one can pass, and stare up at the skylight pondering the complexities of life. Then cry harder because you’re too much of an idiot to comprehend said complexities.

1.) A stairwell full of concrete as cold as your soul:
The way your life is going, you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at concrete so you’d better get used to it. Get it? Like prison!

Now you’d better take our advice because we wanna see all Mizzou students crying in the J-school. Let’s inconvenience those wise-ass journalism students by bringing nothing but tears, rage, and sadness in the form of whimpering students to the clusterfuck that are their hallways.

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