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What Trump Would Definitely Tweet If He Visited Mizzou

Even if you don’t follow the guy, you’re bound to have heard or seen at least some of what Donald Trump has tweeted about. Whether it be about Fake News or building the wall, there aren’t many topics that the President hasn’t tweeted about. The Black Sheep came up with a few of the things Trump would be tweeting about if he happened to come through Columbia.

4.) President Choi is president?:

Not sure that President Trump quite understands the concept of their being a president of something other than a country. That’s ok–we are sure President Choi would be more than happy to explain it to him.

3.) Appreciate a thank you…:

Of course, anything remotely positive that could be slightly correlated with Donald Trump is 100% his doing. Everything the man touches apparently is for the better. Even though he says he doesn’t need anyone to thank him, he is more than happy to let everyone know that it was his pleasure…

2.) Building the wall: 

We hope Trump knows that his, “great and mighty” wall wouldn’t really happen to cross through Missouri, which is damn near in the middle of the country. Then again, it isn’t that important for the President of the United States to be all that knowledgeable on geography anyway.


First of all, a little surprising that MUTV is talking about Trump, and secondly, its very surprising that Trump would even watch MUTV. It’s not like he could be doing anything better with his time besides watching local college news stations.

While Missouri may not have the best example of politicians at the moment (i.e Eric Greitens), at least we don’t actually have Donald Trump tweeting about us. Don’t worry–Donald Trump is not coming to Mizzou (at least for the time being). 

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