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Venn Dough-agram: Insomnia vs. Hot Box Cookies

This debate has been had since the day Insomnia opened their doors… just down the street from Hot Box, where all of our hearts used to live for the love of cookies. But now, that debate has ended because while Hot Box might be the one and only, you can’t beat a good chain-cookie. Take a look at our cookie venn dough-agram, as we compare and contrast Insomnia vs. Hot Box. 

First of all, they’re open later… and if Mizzou students are notorious for anything, it’s staying out later than necessary to “study” and then bash the shit out of some good food. What better place to do that than Insomnia, where the a la modes are just the right combination between hot and cold and the toppings and add-ins are just as unique as all of your day-to-day cravings. But like also, the walk’s super chill.


Hot Box:
Okay, so what if it was born and raised here by the very hard-working hands of a Mizzou business student? He did not put enough sugar, spice or everything nice into those cookies, sorry bout ya. The art is cool and all, but what do you expect out of a staff who claims to be “baked” 24/7? It’s in the NAME folks! You get what you pay for… which is usually nothing because of the number of free cookies they gave away.

If you aren’t convinced, shove it in your pie hole (a cookie of course); you deserve the very best, and that, friends… lies at Insomnia.

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