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For Just 10 Cents A Day, You Can Save These 5 Dogs Who Are Just Being Used By Frat Guys To Get Laid

Due to the rise of frat guys using adorable dogs to court women, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the charity behind the Sarah Mclachlan commercials that makes you weep, are offering the public to save these poor puppies from the cruel ownership of these immoral frat guys. For just 10 cents a day, you can save these 5 dogs below.

5.) Save this good boy from the harsh Beta this winter:

For just a dime a day, you can rescue this good boy from a frat guy trying to get the attention of women this summer by throwing a snowball and catcalling them while they walk down the street. The precious dog in the snow is simply used as a distraction for the bro’s gross behavior and you have the opportunity to get him inside a warm, Beta-free home.

4.) Give this dog a garden of hope:

Time to reach deep into your pockets once you google what a dime looks like. You can see the puppy is hiding behind some gorgeous flowers from the awful owner just trying to get inside your pants. Look into its eyes, it’s asking you to come save him from the awful EDM playlist his owner made that he likes to blast at 3 a.m. while he vapes out the window and he hasn’t slept in weeks.

3.) Tears in both the dog and yours if you don’t do something:


Jesus, are you going to do something? This dog looks like it’s seen some insane hazing stuff, like elephant walk kind of stuff that no human or puppy should ever see. You might have gotten a dime back once when you bought your last Chipotle burrito and decided to treat yourself with the guac. You’ve made a smart decision like that before, do that here.

2.) It’s literally running toward you:

This little chihuahua has seen a potential rescue owner like you and is ready to drop the fraternity if you just step up here and help Sarah Mclachlan for once. Drop that dime right here before that frat guy drops you for your best friend after he leads you on for six months because you think you’ll actually get him to commit to you in a relationship.

1.) You can’t look away at this point:  

Face it – if you ignore this dog’s plea to be saved from the lame pregames and darties in the backyard, things are only going to get worse for this good boy. You can’t let this dog live the rest of his dog years being dragged around a coke-filled mansion trying to get any girl to pay attention to him and this good boy.  

Be those arms of an angel that Sarah Mclachlan keeps singing about and donate dime or two to find a better owner that isn’t just using it for mediocre missionary sex that will last two seconds.

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