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5 Cute Recruitment Outfits Inspired by 19th-Century Women Named Elizabeth

Rifling through your closet trying to find the perfect rush or recruitment outfit? Looks like it is time to bring back the ’90s–the 1890s, that is! Check out these four adorable outfits inspired by boss-ass Beths of yesteryear and guaranteed to get you a spot in your #1 sorority!

5.) Elizabeth Ann Sexton’s timeless LBD and bonnet:

Nothing implies “I want to be a sister” like dressing like Saint Elizabeth Ann Sexton, the first native-born citizen of the United States to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church! Her classic little black dress is perfect for those long days walking from house to house in the August heat. Thanks to throat-to-toe coverage, no one will be able to see your appalling pit stains! Thanks, Saint Liz!

4.) Elizabeth Blackwell’s neck doily, trendy middle part, and head flap:

Looking for a dressier look? Check out America’s first female doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell, in her adorable 1830s surgery outfit! With a lengthy pelt covering most of the head, this ensemble is ideal for protecting freshly done hair from the August rain and urine you’re likely to encounter throughout the week. Embroider a quirky phrase, or just ‘GO TEAM, GO GREEK,” onto your neck doily as a conversation starter!

3.) Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s dressy jewels, medallions, and snow white hair:

When it comes to statement accessories for recruitment week, the more the merrier! Show off your unique personality, Elizabeth Cady Stanton-style, with long draping chains that disappear into your heaving, abolitionist bosom. Slap a Santa beard from last Christmas onto your head to complete the full E.C.S. ‘fit and we promise Kappa will put you on their list!

2.) Elizabeth Thew’s formal, yet classy, asylum jumper:

As rush week progresses, you’ll want to begin dressing more formally. Can’t find anything satisfactory at the bookstore? Check out Elizabeth Thew’s adorable peasant sleeve! With a retro floral print and high neck, this dress is guaranteed to make you stand out from the other pledges. Unlike ol’ Liza, you don’t even have to commit infanticide to get this gorgeous gown! Raid Ottumwa’s abandoned 1800s insane asylum next weekend, or check out Macy’s online!

1.) Lizzie Borden’s fear inspiring look of confidence:

We all know Lizzie’s story. How she took an axe, gave her mother 4o whacks. Well now, you can whack your competition out of the park with this dead-eyed gaze. With a smokey-eye and a high floral collar to hide your neck rolls, you’re sure to secure a bid. And hey, if you don’t you can always accessorize with a bold red lip and an axe. 

Recruitment week can be stressful. Harness the confidence and poise of these five inspiring 19th century Elizabeths! If you don’t end up getting any bids, keep that outfit close anyway: you can always participate in Civil War reenactments or kinky foreplay!

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