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6 Shocking Similarities Between Bomb Cyclone Grayson and Grayson Allen

Bomb Cyclone Grayson, assumedly named after that freshman who doesn’t spend much time in the dorms after he got a few bids into some fraternities, is in the process of becoming one of the worst winter storms in the southeast U.S. in decades. Snow is expected from Tallahassee, Fla. all the way up through the coast to Norfolk, Va. Yep, you read that right—there’ll be alligators in the snow. What is more shocking are the similarities between Bomb Cyclone Grayson and Duke University guard Grayson Allen (besides their names, of course), which we’ve listed below. 

6.) Both trip people: 
The Bomb Cyclone known as Grayson is icing the fuck out of the southeast, with many people expected to trip and fall on it’s snowy afterbirth. Grayson Allen is also responsible for tripping people, though it is reported that bomb cyclone Grayson will trip people with much more grace and less tears than the Duke player. 

5.) Both are white and cold: 
Jacksonville, Fla. native Grayson Allen is one of the whitest and cold-hearted basketball players in all of Div. I, and from what we can see on TV, Bomb Cyclone Grayson looks like it will be very white and very cold. There’s not much more to explain here. 

4.) Both were on their respective high school’s student government in Jacksonville, Florida: 
Bomb Cyclone Grayson graduated from Jacksonville’s Bolles High School, a short drive away from Providence School, where Grayson Allen spent his high school days. Grayson Allen climbed to the position of vice president of his student government while at Providence, though at Bolles, Bomb Cyclone Grayson ran unopposed and became president of their student government, the first-ever storm cell in school history to hold the position. It’s reported that the two Graysons crossed paths at a sporting event between the two schools, though that’s never been confirmed. 

3.) Both have impeccable face swaps with Ted Cruz:
It’s uncanny. Can you tell which from which? 

2.) Both bring a lot of white onto each college campus they hit: 
Bomb Cyclone Grayson, a storm of the wintery variety, will be blowing lots of white snow onto college campuses like Florida State University, College of Charleston, and South Carolina State University over the next few days. Grayson Allen and the historically-white college, Duke University, bring with them a slew of white players and fans for every home and away game. 

1.) Both will never have a successful career in the NBA: 
After a short-lived college basketball career at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Bomb Cyclone Grayson hung up the high tops in pursuit of becoming a country-sized winter storm cell. Grayson Allen, on the other hand, still dreams of becoming a NBA player, though like many other white Duke players before him, will go work in corporate finance in either Raleigh or Charlotte. 

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