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8 Lyrics Drake Rhymed When He Heard about Serena’s Pregnancy

We can only image the heartbreak Drake felt when his former boo, Serena Williams, the best woman’s tennis player ever in the entire world, announced her pregnancy with another man. Here’s what went through his head:   


8.) “How Beautiful Our Kids Would Be, Girl, I Don’t Need Convincing”:

Obviously, Drake began in a state of denial. It’s hard to accept the one you loved has moved on to bear the child of the dude that created Reddit. So, instead of accepting it, he dreams of the athletic and musically talented prodigy of a child that could have been theirs.   


7.) “You Used to Call Me on My Cellphone”:

It’s common to reminisce on past memories before trying to move on from a relationship. One might look at old photos, listen to songs that hold sentiment, or in Drizzy’s case, recall the booty calls they once shared.     


6.) “Motherfucker Never Loved Us”:

Though Drake is a sensitive man, it’s no shock that some anger bubbled its way to the surface as he struggles through these stages of grief. It’s hard to believe there’s an angry bone in his body, but they’re there and they’re mad at Serena.     


5.) “If You Had a Sister I Would Still Choose You”:

Serena’s sister, Venus, also a power tennis star in her day, may have crossed Drake’s mind once or twice. But, to show how devoted he still is to Serena, he confirms he would still choose her every time. What a guy.


4.) “Fuck a Fake Friend, Where My Real Friends at?”:

Obviously, Drake is reaching out for support right about now. It’s a vital time for him to feel a sense of community. He needs his friends, family, and avid @champagnepapi followers like you to show him some love and loyalty to help him through this.



3.) “Still Starin’ at the Titties Though”:

In the end, Drake likes his girls BBW and for that, Serena will always hold a place in his heart. No matter how defeated he is, no matter how hung up on what will never be, he will never stop staring at the titties.


2.) “You the Best I Ever Had”:

Close to acceptance, Drake realizes how lucky he was when he had Serena. She’s a bright, beautiful, warrior of a woman who obliterates her opponents on the court, just like she’s obliterated Drake’s heart with this news.    


1.) “Tables Turn, Bridges Burn, You Live and Learn”:

In the wise words of Drake, you live and you learn. We could all learn a lot about acceptance from his mature insight on the world and also come to the realization that turn and burn, rhyme with learn. 


As exciting as it is for Serena Williams to be creating the miracle of life, it’s important to stop and take a moment to think about Drake. He’s come to accept what he’ll never have, he wishes well for Serena and her family, and he started from the bottom, now he’s here.    

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