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American Population All Extras In Upcoming 1984 Remake Starring Donald Trump

In a Wednesday night primetime interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Presidential Spokesperson Kellyanne Conway revealed that the Trump camp is in the works to create a sequel to the film adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984, titled 2020. The movie aims to focus on all of the great changes President Trump and his administration will bring to the country over the course of his term.


“1984 is truly representative of what America is all about,” Conway insists. “This reboot is gonna be a smash-hit anyway, we’ll keep making America great again, and true American patriots will flock to see it!”


“To ensure precise authenticity for the movie, we’ll be using real NSA footage collected from the cellphones and webcams of the American people over the next four months to gage their reactions regarding our regime… I mean… administration,” Conway grinned. “The last movie had ‘Big Brother’ in his far-away place, always watching and ever-listening. Do you honestly think for even a second that ‘Big Brother’ will come anywhere near ‘Big Don’ in popularity? Not a chance! People love BIG things.”


If Conway’s comments are to be believed, then President Donald J. Trump will be playing himself in the summer blockbuster while simultaneously leading the free world from his nonsecure Android phone.


Other lead roles will be played by Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway, playing Thought Police 1 and Thought Police 2.


When asked if he was excited to get the process started, Spicer said, “Trust me. It’s already begun. Just look at these people. They believe anything I tell them. 2020 is going to be the most watched film in the history of films, period. Again, ya gotta trust me, you’re gonna have to see it.”


Donald Trump could not be reached for comment regarding the movie because he was pounding his fist into a Five Dollar Bucket from KFC. Handlers said his fingers were “greasy and very tired from tweeting, but the film will most likely win an Oscar. All the other films are sad.”


Producers suggest American citizens stay on the lookout for trailers advertising the film in the coming months. A video of you obtained by the NSA screaming about a safe place and how evil an orange-faced narcissist is might just make the cut.


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