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America’s Favorite Biggest Boy Takes a Field Trip to See the Trucks

While his new health care bill is sent to live in bill purgatory with all the other bad ideas, America’s favorite big boy, Donald Trump, had a big day of getting to see all the big rigs at the White House for National Trucker Day.

 “It’s sad. Just sad that truckers don’t get recognized for their work.” Trump noted, “So, I thought it was time some truckers got recognized for being the best. Plus, these trucks are real big.”

This proved to be very much the case when Trump invited a number of truck drivers and CEOs to the White House for a photo op and a picnic lunch.

“When the trucks arrived, Donald was so excited,” said First Lady Melina Trump “he pushed everyone out of his way, scrambled into the cab of one of the big rigs on display, and pretended to be a trucker for quite some time.”

President Trump was able to show off his extensive knowledge of trucks to the guests of the event. He made the horn noises, showed everyone what sound the engine made, and showed everyone how the steering wheel worked.


After a make-believe conversation on the CV radio with another trucker Trump called “Gravy Dave,” Trump was all tuckered out from playing and laid down for his juice and nap in the cab of the truck.

“He loves to pretend” commented First Lady Melania Trump as she carried a sleeping Donald into the White House.

After she tucked Donald into the Lincoln bed she added “Just last week, he had me pretend I was a princess and he was a handsome, rich real estate mogul that rescued her from a wicked dragon… He made Mr. Pence be the dragon.”

When asked for comment on the success of the event, President Trump simply said “I had lots of fun. Trucks are my new favorite thing.” 


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