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Area Roommate Has A Girlfriend Now But She Goes To A Different School, You Wouldn’t Know Her

A congratulations is due for campus junior Ron Cameron who just suddenly got a girlfriend named Sarah Jones, but unfortunately she goes to a different school and it’s extremely unlikely you know her.

“Sarah and I are so in love with each other, it’s just too bad she goes to another school far away,” Cameron said. “I wish people can meet her because she’s so great and real. Like, I promise you she’s real, it’s just that she’s far away. But they always say long distance relationships work when you’re in college.”

Cameron’s friend Lance Marks however was a little blindsided by the news because he’s never seen Ron ever talk to a girl and is starting to question her existence.

“All Ron would do when he talks to girls was to ask their major and then the conversation would die,” Marks said. “I want to believe she’s real but no boyfriend or girlfriend is legit if they go to a different school? That’s a lot of wasted Skype hours. Too bad I don’t know her, I guess.”

Cameron intends to talk about his girlfriend as much as he can to legitimize her existence, but will still refuse to show anyone any pictures of her since he for some reason can’t find a good one of her to show.

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