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The Best Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts For Recent Graduates on a Budget

You want to get your darling mother something beautiful and meaningful this Mother’s Day, but with the amount of student debt you’ve just graduated with, you’re balling on a budget. So, roll up your sleeves and put on your creative caps because you’ll have to get crafty this Mother’s Day:


7.) A Bouquet of Flowers:

Nothing says “I Love you Mom” like the overwhelming beauty of hand-picked flowers. Look around the house and repurpose a can to use as a vase; it’ll save money and remind her of her glory days when she could crack open a Hamm’s with her thumb and shotgun that bitch while the crowd chanted her name. You know, before she gave birth to you and all.


6.) The Sweater You Borrowed from Her Two Months Ago:

Moms love lending their sweaters to others, because that’s just how much they sacrifice for the ones they love. Plus, there’s a good chance she forgot she ever lent it to you and she’ll think it’s a new sweater already in her perfect mom size and elegant mom style. Why risk buying new, trendy clothes when her favorite sweater is already right there in your closet?



5.) Coupons:

You can’t go wrong with some classic, homemade coupons. Mama doesn’t care about material items, she cares about spending time with her loving children.  Why not offer to do some of her stupid, adult chores and lighten her load? She’ll be thrilled not to have to wax your dad’s back this week. It’s the little things.


4.) A Mix CD:

If you really want to tell your mother how much you love her, why not do it through the universal language of music? Whip her up a mixtape of tunes that remind you of her smothering, mothering love and her heart will burst with joy. Some essential tracks to burn include “The Perfect Fan” by The Backstreet Boys, and Kanye’s,Hey Mama”.


3.) An Adult Coloring Page:

Coloring is no longer just for children. Hours of blood, sweat, and marker poured into just one coloring page will show your mom just how much you love her. Deciding which swirly, flower pattern or intricate, elephant body to color that correctly represents your mother’s soul should not be taken lightly, you don’t want any bad juju out there on Mother’s Day.


2.) A Pet Ant:

With you graduating and all, she truly has an empty nest and she’ll be wanting a pet to keep her company and to care for. Due to your limited means, you can only choose from what creatures you can capture in your backyard; an ant, a worm, a rock, etc. She’ll love to name it and feed it little blades of grass or dirt or whatever it is ants eat.


1.) Get a Job:

The best gift of all to give to your mother who has loved and supported you for the entirety of your life, is to get a job, get a life, and get out of her hair. She’s done her job, now it’s time for you to find one of your own.  


Moms do a lot for us; they guide us through life, they give us life. We love you mom, and please let us live in your basement rent free.   

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