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Poor Guy: Bill Gates is Donating a Book to Every 2018 College Grad to Show Younger People He Still Knows How to Read

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is donating a book to every 2018 college grad. The reason? He’s afraid that younger people are forgetting that he knows how to read.

The illiterate man behind the modern computer, Halo 2, and the animated paperclip in Microsoft Word has not read a book publically in more than 16 years, leading a younger generation to believe that he simply forgot how to do it. 

Despite being able to have the financial means to give every recent college grad a book, many still believe that this PR stunt simply came out of boredom when Gates asked his assistant to blindfold him, spin him around, and point to anything in his house that he would give to all 2018 college graduates. 

It just so happened it was a book, of which Bill has no clue how to use. Hopefully this year of college graduates will sit down with him and reteach him how to read.

One can hope. 


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