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Christ: Jim Harbaugh Caught Drinking Milk Right Out Of The Cow’s Udder

ANN ARBOR —  Earlier today Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh, was found lying on the floor of his office, drinking milk straight from a cow’s udder.

After offering our reporters a glass, Harbaugh later claimed that this is not an activity that he participates in regularly, but “due to the stress of the season, hey why not?”

“Errr it’s October here, and I’m getting a little nervous about the big games,” Harbaugh said after lifting his khakis to his face to wipe the milk away. “It’s nice to come in here and know Sunflower can hold me over between practices. Don’t even have to run to the store.”

Harbaugh’s wife, Sarah, claims she finds this behavior a bit strange, but it does keep him from yelling during the fall. 

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