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Dirty Hearts Drinking Game

Anyone who says they don’t have a dirty mind is a liar or a liar. Bring out the worst in your whole crew with a game that aims to ruin friendships. Check out our Dirty Hearts drinking game: 

What You Need:
A deck of cards, alcohol, and a dirty mind.

Number of Players:
A close group of friends or couples, 4 to 6 total people, though.

Intoxication Level:
You don’t remember getting naked, sticking a knife in the wall or crying over the first time you pooped your pants in public. So, Tuesday.


How To Play:
– Everyone sits in a circle and places a deck of cards in the center.

– Everyone in the circle chooses a card from the top of the deck.

– The first player to draw flips over his or her card.

– If the person flips over a heart (2 through 10) everyone else asks that person a question. They must answer truthfully or pass. That’s where the dirty mind comes in. If the person answering the question choose to pass on a question, he or she must drink for each pass.

– If a person flips over a heart face card (jack, queen, king or ace) everyone else gets to ask a question AND give them a dare. The person must pick two questions to answer and perform one of the dares. Any player whose question or dare was not chosen must drink.

-The player to the left of the person who just went flips next, and the process repeats.

The Games End When:
Everyone is naked, physically and emotionally

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