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Drinking Game: Float the Boat

Floating a boat is fairly easy, unless you’ve had a lot to drink and everyone is standing on the right side of your ship. Floating this boat is easy, too, until your shaky drunk hands start coming out. Here’s how to play the Float the Boat drinking game:

 What You Need:
A bowl, plenty of grog for your mates, and bottle caps.

Number of Players:
2 to 4.

Intoxication Level:
The Captain will go down on the ship, if you know what we’re getting at. 


How to Play:
-Get a bowl, and pour as much beer or mixed drink as you deem necessary with the amount of people you have.

-Float a beer cap in the bowl.

-Pour beer or the mixed drink into the cap without sinking it. If you succeed, the person next to you pours some into the cap, and so on.

-The person who sinks the cap has to drink the entire bowl.

-Replace said cap, and start a new adventure on the 7 hoppy seas.

The Game Ends When:
The ship has sunk and you’re going to go out and get real drunk. 

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