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Drunk People Recreate The Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott GQ Photo Shoot

She’s a tipsy millennial. He’s the most drunk 24-year-old in the office. How did Diane and Nick come together? How did they make it work? And can they survive taking more than four shots of tequila in 20 minutes while recreating GQ‘s Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott photo shoot?

The task was simple: get really, really drunk off of the The Black Sheep’s liquor cabinet, find the best photo shoot-quality clothes Goodwill had to offer, and recreate GQ‘s Kylie Jenner-Travis photo shoot. 

See-through shirt ($4.99); 2 shots deep.

Coat (free, left at a co-workers house from a guy who hooked up with her), covered in Saran Wrap ($3.99), pants ($5.99); 3 shots deep.

The recreation is exactly as physical as we expect. But their intensity make an closeted alcoholic seem lackadaisical. Battling sweat, weird smells from the Goodwill clothes, and the bitter aftertaste of cheap tequila, they’re able to snap one of the hardest photos without throwing up. 

Red dress ($4.99); 4 shots deep.

At this point, they’re currently positioned to make the “best fuckin’ recreation of GQ‘s Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott photoshoot ever” (their words). After polishing what’s left of the tequila, Nick can barely keep his eyes open, perfect for imitating Travis Scott. 

                                                                                         ???? shots deep.                                                                                        
You might be unimpressed by the fact they got this far. But the last photo–by far the sexiest of the shoot–was the most difficult to execute. Fortunately, they did it with the grace and poise of a 2 a.m. walk home from the bar. 

8 shots deep (each); no regrets. 

Kylie and Travis: Let us know when you do one of these again, and we’ll go shot for shot. 

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