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Ouch: Freshman Welcomed By Sock On Door On Move-In Day

Incoming freshman Lenny Johnson was sexiled while moving in on Saturday, evidenced by his new roommate’s dirty sock on the door. 

“I know my doorknob is not a dirty sock, my roommate is definitely having sex on my bed right now before I even move in,” Johnson said. “

Johnson’s roommate Will Callahan was doing his new roomie a favor from his quickie with the senior in high school he’s still dating.

“You’re damn right I had sex on his bed before he moved in, I’m just breaking it in!,” Callahan said. “There’s no way I’m going to waste mediocre sex on my bed, that’s not self-care. At least I was polite enough to put a used sock on the door, so you know I’m a gentleman.

The room reeked of Febreze when Lenny finally got the chance to move into his room with the sight of a used condom in his trash bin.

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