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Hiroshima Drinking Game

The liberal snowflakes among us may not like such a crass and tasteless title for a drinking game, but fear not! Soon our Good Lord Donald Trump will wipe them out with the graceful orange blast of a mushroom cloud. Here’s our Hiroshima drinking game:

 Number of Players: 3+

What You Need:
A deck of cards, and a bomb bay full of beer.

Intoxication Level:
You’ll be feeling pretty Enola Gay after this one.

How to Play:
– Choose a dealer. The dealer shuffles the cards and looks at the top card on the deck.

– The player to the left of the dealer tries to guess the number and the suit of the top card.

– The next player then guesses. Each player guesses one card as the game moves forward.

– If the player guesses the suit right, the dealer has to take 4 sips.

– If the player guesses the number right, the dealer has to take as many sips as the number.

– If the player guesses the exact card (both suit and number right), the dealers has to drink for as many seconds as cards left in the deck.

– If the player guesses completely wrong then he takes 1 sip.

– After each card is used, it’s placed in the middle of the table.

– If the guessing player does not get any element of the card correct for three guesses in a row, the dealer hands the deck to the next player. Any time a player guesses an element correct, the count resets.

– The round ends when the deck is done.

The Game Ends When:
Your bladder, of course, explodes.

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