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10 Things to Do While Katy Perry is Woke but Not Awake

“I’m wide awake… NOT!” That should be the name of Katy’s next song. For those of you who live under an Internet-less rock, Katy Perry has been live-streaming her life for the entire past weekend to publicize her album’s release. Today Katy is set to sleep in until 11am (1pm Central) and we at The Black Sheep are perfectly satisfied watching her peacefully slumber with Nugget. But if you’re less patient, here’s a list of things to distract yourself with while Katy gets her well-deserved beauty rest.

10.) Continue Watching But With A Fidget Spinner:
Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Be as relevant as Katy Perry is this summer and use the trendy finger toy to keep yourself occupied while watching what looks like a still image of Katy playing dead. Is she pretending? Is she even really there? Who knows, but it’s always worth the wait.

9.) Open A New Tab To Watch Katy Perry’s Music Videos:
Despite the fact that she did this yesterday on the live stream, one can never watch Katy’s classic music videos too many times.

8.) Contribute To The Live Comment Thread:
Join all the other hardcore Katy fans, haters, and creeps and type, “Wake up Katy!” into the live stream comment section. How cool would it be if you could say YOU were the one to wake her up? Worth. A. Shot. 

7.) Rewind:
Rewind the stream back to your favorite live moments with Katy. Whether it’s cuddle sessions with Nugget, hair and makeup time, or the parts where she lies on the floor introspectively, there are plenty of fun times with Katy worth revisiting.

6.) Vote On How To Wake Her: 
Find the daily Twitter poll where fans can vote on which unique way to wake Katy up each morning! Today’s plan is a heavenly gospel choir singing one of her hit songs. 

5.) Listen To Witness:
Just like Katy does, you can play her new album on repeat as background music to whatever you’re doing, even if that’s watching Katy sleep.

4.) Talk About Katy At The Dinner Table:
While Katy’s still asleep, use inspiration from her fun-filled weekend and invite over your most famous friends to discuss Katy’s latest phase, including but not limited to her expressive hairdo, self-revelations, and the parallels between Katy’s youth, new album, and institutionalized racism.

3.) Clean your Nostrils:
Katy admitted twice in one live-streamed day to a morning ritual of cleaning her ears AND nostrils with Q-tips. Try it out while she’s sleeping!

2.) Hunt For Katy’s House:
For obvious celebrity reasons, Katy has left the location of her humble abode a mystery. But don’t let that stop you! She has revealed that it’s sitting somewhere in LA, so while Katy’s still sound asleep go use this time to search for her house and wake her up in person!

1.) Contact Aya: 
Katy’s personal assistant is constantly visible in the live stream, whether she’s tending to Nugget, preparing Katy’s meals, or adjusting the volume to the speakers constantly pounding out the new album. Aya does it all, so it might be worth your time to contact her via social media and thank her for taking care of Katy while she’s sleeping.

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