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Oh Boy: Guy In Women Gender Studies Class Loudly Speaking About The ‘Male Perspective’

Brett, a senior in your women’s studies class who’s only there to prove to his girlfriend he respects women, was seen speaking really loudly about the “male perspective” in class on Thursday. 

“Actually,” Brett said, holding back tears, “you’re forgetting to see things from my perspective. This has been one of the toughest days of my life, for everyone here to take the attention away from me has been one of the most emasculating and embarrassing ordeals I’ve ever had to deal with. Not enough beer in this world could make this feeling go away. And I’ve had lots of beer before.”  

Later during class, one female classmate tried to ask a question, at which point Brett started raising his voice and speaking over her, to explain that “Devil’s Triangle” is a thing men and women can participate in, and therefore they are equal.

Before class was dismissed, Brett was heard yelling over other women about being innocent when no one asked, and how he was going to get beers to brush this off until he gets a better and more rewarding job than any other woman in his class could ever dream of. 

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