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‘Saturdays Are For The Boys!’ Yells Guy Who Doesn’t Hang Out With Girls Anyway

Brothers of Beta Psi headed to North Avenue Beach on Saturday, screaming “Saturdays are for the boys!” though it was apparent that the option of inviting girls never existed.

“We don’t want to waste our Saturdays hanging around annoying girls with their Instagram Boomerangs or whatever the hell they do on beaches,” said Doug Hardy, a Beta Psi member and rising senior. “Besides bro, if we want to hang with girls, we totally can. Every other day we’re drowning in it, I promise you. Dude, you should have seen how many came to our Halloween party my freshmen year. Saturdays are for the boys!”

Despite the fact Hardy and his fraternity bros will inevitably spend the entire afternoon trying to send dick pics to girls on Tinder, they don’t regret spending a Saturday with just the guys because “that’s what being a Stoolie is all about.”

“Man, Barstool has made it basically mandatory to hang with your bros on a Saturday even though I spend every waking hour with them in a frat house,” Hardy said. 

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