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7 Scenes From ‘Community’ That Made Us Think Donald Glover Might Also Be Childish Gambino

Rumors have been swirling about the relation between actor and comedian Donald Glover and artist Childish Gambino. There’s some sort of conspiracy theory that Donald Glover, the guy from the NBC comedy, Community, and Childish Gambino is the same guy. After hearing those claims, we started to realize there may be some actual truth from it. We examined seven different scenes from Community that got us thinking that Donald Glover might also be Childish Gambino.

7.) The time Troy and Abed pulled out guns:  

From 2009, Donald Glover’s character Troy Barnes and his best pal Abed Nadir seem to be playing with guns. Easily-attainable guns? That’s something Childish Gambino seemed to rhyme about in ‘This is America’ and he even held a gun in the video. It’s a weird coincidence, but guns are really easy to obtain so who’s to say it’s not just two guys who got guns through extremely lax gun laws.

6.) That time Troy made a music video:

This scene from Community is from a music video and Glover seems to be in the middle of a verse on a rap song despite what his
Matrix sunglasses say. Someone who also has a tendency to rap? Childish Gambino.

5.) The scene where he looks stern in a zip-up hoodie:

Glover is wearing a red zip-up hoodie in this scene from the show, looking stern. This is strikingly similar to the red zip-up hoodie Childish Gambino wore in his 2011 music video ‘Freaks and Geeks.’ Freaks and Geeks was also a TV show, and it’s 100% true only actors know the names of other TV shows. Why else would somebody rap about a TV show if they weren’t an actor?

4.) The scene where he sits with Chevy Chase:

Glover is seen with legendary actor Chevy Chase. Childish Gambino hasn’t released a song with Chevy Chase yet, but Childish Gambino hasn’t released his tracklist for his upcoming album yet, so we shouldn’t count out that possibility.

3.) That time Troy dressed up like a pharaoh:

That scene when Glover thinks he’s an Egyptian ruler wearing some royal crown? It’s eerily similar to the headgear that’s worn on his 2016 album ‘’Awaken, My Love!” You can’t ignore both of their affinity for interesting headpieces.

2.) That scene where he sat next to another dude:

In this scene, Glover is seen sitting with Abed, who is another guy. Childish Gambino sat next to another guy named Chance the Rapper in a similar fashion in their duet in 2013’s ‘The Worst Guys.’ It’s a bit spooky how both have been seen sitting next to other dudes.

1.) That time Troy was tired:   

Glover is wrapped up in a blanket, looking exhausted which would make sense for Childish Gambino after a long night in the studio dropping cold beats. It’s true only actors and rappers can get tired.

Ultimately, the jury is still out on whether Donald Glover and Childish Gambino are the same people, but these seven, completely out of context scenes from a show cancelled too soon make it all more a little convincing the two are the same people.

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