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Skechers Just Came Out With An Ad Featuring Borat And It Looks Eerily Similar To The Nike Ad With Colin Kaepernick

Sketchers just nearly just BLEW UP the internet and left its users pick up the pieces with the release of a controversial ad featuring Borat that actually looks eerily similar to that one Nike ad with Colin Kaepernick that just came out.

Like, it’s pretty much the same thing. 

The epic copy has forced at least one person to say that they “will burn those Shape-Up shoes that legendary quarterback Joe Montana has been promoting,” though that person might have said buy, not burn. 

We’re not too sure.   

Though Sketchers didn’t start sponsoring Borat until early 2008, many said the lifestyle brand has been waiting to jump on the opportune time to promote their fictional brand ambassador. 

Yet, some are questioning Sketchers blatant copy of a controversial buzz-worthy ad as opportunistic. 

“Don’t think it’s that controversial? You obviously don’t remember when Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was dropped in 2006. It. Started. Controversy. As. We. Know. It. But. It. Was. Also. Later. Proved. To. Be. More. Scripted. Than. The. General. Public. Would. Like. To. Accept,” said a Sketchers spokesperson, whose name (and later title and occupation) we couldn’t confirm. 

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