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Top 10 Christmas Movies for Playing Drinking Games

For some, the holidays are about spending time with family and friends and enjoying their company. For others, it’s about watching the same Christmas movies and specials that air every single year. This year you should make those movies more interesting by adding alcohol in the mix. Here are the best Christmas Movie drinking games you can try for these Christmas classics. And for expanded games, click here!

10.) Bad Santa Drinking Game: 
Who doesn’t love watching Billy Bob Thornton be a complete asshole while dressed as Santa? Try drinking every time the word f**k is used. It’s used about 160 times in an hour and a half, so this game will definitely make your Christmas a little bit merrier. 

9.) A Christmas Story:
TBS plays this movie 24 hours straight on Christmas. If you’re lucky you’ll get a chance to drink while watching it the entire day.  Try taking a shot every time there is a fantasy sequence. Then after finishing the movie, have a drunken Red Ryder BB gun target competition as homage to this movie. Fair warning, you may shoot your eye out. 

8.) How the Grinch Stole Christmas:
Drink every time the word “Who” is said. After watching five minutes, you’ll find yourself speaking in rhymes and paranoid that the Grinch is breaking into your house. 

7.) Home Alone:
Drink anytime someone gets hit or falls down. If still sober after the first movie, watch all the other ones to see how drunk you can get. Then try to see who can make the best booby trap while drunk. The loser has to be the test dummy for every booby trap. 

6.) Elf:
Anytime the word Elf is used, you have to drink. To make things more interesting, use maple syrup as a chaser. If doing shots, cover the rim of the shot glass with sugar every time. After a night of this drinking game, you’ll never want to see Will Ferrell’s face ever again. 

5.) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:
Anytime something goes wrong, take a drink. Also drink anytime someone tells Chevy Chase to give up. Because he doesn’t give up, you won’t give up on drinking. Finally, after finishing the movie, try to put more Christmas lights on your house than Chevy Chase does in Christmas Vacation. Using a ladder isn’t recommended.  

4.) The Nightmare Before Christmas:
Anytime the movie references Christmas or Halloween, take a drink. In addition, drink anytime a character breaks into song. You could add this rule to any Christmas movie since most insist of including singing. 

3.) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:
The game for this movie is simple.  Ultimately you just have to keep drinking until the stop-motion characters look like real people.  It may take a while so pace yourself. 

2.) The Polar Express:
This movie features that creepy motion capture technique that makes the animated characters seem almost real. You could drink until the characters look real, like Rudolph. In addition, every time you see a character played by Tom Hanks, you have to name a Tom Hanks movie better than The Polar Express. The person who can’t think of one has to finish their drink.

1.) A Charlie Brown Christmas:
Try drinking every time Charlie Brown bitches about his life. That kid is never happy. That being said, when Snoopy dances in the movie, the last person to dance like him has to finish their drink. Don’t you just love adding alcohol to a movie about finding the true meaning of Christmas?

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