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The Weekly Beer Geek: Cherry Fruitsicle Ale

Cherry Fruitsicle Ale
OddSide Ales
$3.39/Can (12 oz)
Grade: C+

The Beginning:
I’m your roving beer reporter this week, on the job while on vacation at a lovely little B&B in Ohio. My girlfriend and I are staying in a duck-themed bedroom, so we’ve got that going on for us. The photo at the top of this review features some pictures we found here, too. After a lovely day full of hiking, fun, and plenty of photos, we came back to find another young couple in a shared area who was interested in what we were doing. So this beer goes out to all that makes summer great- holiday weekends, road trips, new friends, sharing, popsicles, and beer.

The Brewer’s Pitch:
OddSide is dedicated to being, well, odd- so it’s no secret that their beers all run to the strange and exotic. Between them and Shorts it’s hard to say who’s got more random little one-off beers. OddSide doesn’t bother to explain much about them, either. In this case we know it’s an Ale (naturally)- not quite a sour but just a bit tart alonsgside a fruit juice character and brewed with enough lactose for that popsicle sweetness. Pardon me, FRUITsicle sweetness- I assume it’s inspired by one of those all-natural frozen juice treats that health-conscious parents get.

The Beer:
Fuitsicle pours a deep dull red, like cherry juice- REAL cherry juice, not the fake cherry-flavored juice beverages kids like. The aroma is surprisingly musty- it’s got some lactobacillus stank combined with the slight old-wet-grain smell of something like a room temperature Budweiser. The taste hit me first as a middle of the road light lager, something (again) like a Budweiser or something similar. The cherry flavor comes in on the back end, and the lager flavor quickly fades in favor of something more like if you didn’t add enough flavor syrup to some carbonated water. Strangely, the aftertaste is the same aftertaste I’d expect from drinking cherry juice. Just without the first part, where I drink cherry juice.

The Breakdown:
Once, in a fit of scientific curiosity, we added some concentrated TANG juice to some various beers and beverages. The results were mixed but overall not too shabby. This reminds me of one of those concoctions. It’s nothing I’d call bad, but the underlying beer isn’t anything special and the cherry isn’t strong enough to overcome it. It’s tasty in its way but it feels like plain beer playing dressup. I know that OddSide can do better than this.

The Bottom Line:
Our housemate said it best- “If Miller Lite is the champagne of beers, this is the sangria of beers.”

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