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5 Excuses to Give Your Parents When They Find Out You Got Arrested Abroad Via Twitter

Judging from multitudes of Facebook albums depicting the unlawful activities known as “Study Abroad,” you made a faulty assumption that you too could perform these activities punishment-free and perhaps even boast them online. Congratulations! You now won a position in a foreign penitentiary. All that’s left to do is conceive of some wickedly clever way to inform mom and dad of your new lifestyle as prisoner abroad!

5.) “I was spreading the message of love and peace at a music festival.”: 
Interpretations of hand gestures vary widely across cultures. Perhaps think twice before throwing that peace sign in England.

4.) “It wasn’t even a full joint…”:
The rest of the world isn’t as “chill” with giggle grass as the good ol’ Uncle Sam.


3.) “The drinking age in Europe is 18!”:
Sure, but you’re the reason it shouldn’t be. Just because there are urinals in the pub doesn’t mean the pub itself is a urinal.

2.) “I thought the Red Light District applied to anywhere in Europe.”
Next time you find yourself “Studying Abroad,” better choose Amsterdam instead, the land of all things virtuous. Meanwhile, enjoy being “escorted” to your cell. But hey, now you might actually get some studying done!

1.) “I read on Quora that photos were allowed in the Louvre!”:
Besides blindly believing an unreliable Wikipedia, you didn’t heed the warning, “Some photos are allowed in specific exhibits without the use of flash.” Nowhere in that statement is a license to block every exhibit while you and your bestie snap story 400 clips of yourselves yelling, “France Study Abroad Squaddd.”



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