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5 Reasons Living in Sullivan Hall Suited Your Irresponsibility


It’s that turning point in every college student’s life: You no longer live on campus! Gone are the days when everything you could have ever wanted was handed to you during Packapalooza. You need to buy your own things! A truly novel concept for most rising upperclassmen.


5.) Meals aren’t free?
As much as your parents enjoy funding your nutritious Howling Cow habit, they also now want to see you involved in the ingredient selection process. But take heart! “Grocery Shopping?” What a bunch of baloney! This is your formal invitation to a scholarship (hopefully) funded by ma and pa to accurately decode the hieroglyphs of the food pyramid! It’s a pyramid scheme supported by your whole family!


4.) Transportation:
If you’re lucky enough to have a wheeled chariot to chauffeur your glorious essence from your bed to a classroom every morning, congratulations! No need to read further. However, if you’re like most college upperclassmen that treasured the swift on-campus commute that allowed for late-night schwifty shenanigans, lend me your ears (eyes). The good news: You have options. The bad news: The options. 
The Bus:
Pros – Experience your morning commute with your neighbors!
Cons – Never know which neighbor you’ll get!

Hitching Rides with Friends:
Pros – Potential for stronger friendships and interesting music
Cons – Potential for abused kindness and fuel charge

Pros – Enjoy nature, spend time in thought, no worries about parking or gas
Cons – January


3.) Clean Quarters:
Everyone’s heard of the big ugly monster roommate who uses everything and cleans nothing. Peculiar how everyone seems to live with such a monster.  An even greater monstrosity, it’s one week into the fall semester and some students can’t remember what classes they’re taking. It’s likely the same students whose rooms are filled to the ceiling with PBR cans. Under your loving Resident Advisor who took care to frequently seek your opinions and attitudes concerning life and the universe, your room might look a bit tidier!

2.) I thought Wi-Fi was free!
Maybe McDonald’s and Starbucks had you convinced. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was though? You would save money buying a router and modem, while simultaneously vanishing the job of the “cable guy” visiting your home to install this “Internet” thing!


1.) Socialization:
Back when you were bragging to all your dorm mates about the benefits of off campus life, perhaps you hadn’t realized that those dorm acquaintances that once seemed trivial were in fact the most crucial bonds you formed in your University Career. You returned from the summer, moved in, but wonder where the noise went. Where are the people? Why am I so isolated? Pretty soon you might find yourself heading back to campus to strengthen those acquaintances into friendships.





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