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10 Questions UNC Students Would Actually Love to Answer

Being at Carolina is an exciting, formative period of life. Unfortunately, that can mean that every single person you meet wants to conduct a mini-interview asking you the same three questions. Hey, we get it, you’re showing an interest! But it gets to the point where we’re mumbling our year, major, and career path (which we may not even know) in our sleep. In an attempt to break free of an extremely bland script, here are some Tar Heel icebreakers you can share as an alternative to the dreaded “what’s your major?”


10.) “Who is Carol Folt?”:                                                                                           

This is a deceivingly simple question with a multi-faceted answer. Perhaps it would be better to ask, “who isn’t Carol Folt?” Mention the name of our beloved leader once, and we will gladly indulge you with tales of selfies, skiing tragedy, and one woman’s dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


9.) “What is the best restaurant on Franklin Street?”:

While we may not know how to respond to interrogation on our life plan, any Tar Heel is sure to have an opinion on this question. Sup Dogs, Spicy Nine, Timeout, if we’ve had a few… Everyone needs a light at the end of the tunnel of college stress, and the delicious food of Franklin has us covered.


8.) “What is your opinion on Rameses Jr.?”:                                                                         

Some say he’s cute, some say he’s annoying, some are just confused by him. Who is he? Where did he come from? What is his relationship to Rameses, anyway?

7.) “What is your take on Greek Life?”:                                                          

Some of us love Greek Life, some of us hate it, but everyone has at least one good story about it. This question has the potential to result in you hearing about how who you thought was the most straight-laced person that you know was once forcibly removed from a frat house, and at the least, you’ll be giving us a chance to vent some anger that we still haven’t quite let go of from that night we were denied entry.


6.) “How do you pronounce CUAB?”:                                                                        

Careful with this one! For being seemingly everywhere, the Carolina Union Activities Board is still a mystery to us. We hear people on-campus talk about the “Kyoo-Ab,” “Kwab,” and “Qahb,” every day, and we definitely have an opinion on which one’s the real thing. Don’t end up  looking the fool by picking the wrong option.


5.) “What are you being for Halloween?”:                                                                                           

Ask this pretty much any time of the year and you’ll get an answer. Halloween spirit is the most underrated type of holiday spirit! We know how to get creative with our costumes. We plan ahead, and we’re not afraid to go all-out. Catch us walking down Franklin looking fresh as hell.


4.) “Who is the best professor you’ve ever had?”:                                                                             

This is a good question for sentimentalists to ask. We attend a top-tier university, and it happens to employ some top-tier individuals. Maybe we had a lecture professor who never spoke to us in person, but changed our perspective on everything, or maybe we connected with a teacher in a class so small that everyone got dinner together. Either way, you can bet we’d be happy to share about it.


3.) “Would you like a free t-shirt?”:                                                                                                     

Why yes, yes we do! Thank you so much for asking. Now we’re one step closer to our goal of not having actually purchased a single item in our closet!


 2.) “Why does Duke suck so much?”:                                                                                   

A good one if you’re looking to spark a whole discussion. The tension between our two universities is more than just a rivalry; some would call it a case of good vs. evil. And we can assume that the people walking around with a bunch of devil paraphernalia aren’t representing for the light side. After all, their mascot carries around a pitchfork; doesn’t get much more evil than that.


1.) “What are the best Carolina traditions?”:                                                              

Maybe we know we’ll never top the endorphin surge that comes from rushing Franklin Street after a win. Maybe we spend all year just waiting for the moment that we can let loose and streak through Davis. Maybe we’re eternally optimistic that drinking from the Old Well on FDOC really does secure that perfect GPA. No matter what, there’s something UNC gives us to look forward to. And hey, does being a Final Four team at least once in every class’ career count as a tradition?

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