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The 4 Most Overrated and Underrated Things at UNC

You’ve heard about a lot of things in your time at UNC. Some of the things your friends would have you believe are the greatest things ever, and some are unsung heroes. But, which is which? Here is a list of 4 of the most overrated things at UNC and 4 of the most underrated things at UNC.


4.) SRC (Student Recreation Center):

All of the serious weightlifters go here. These are the kind of people that you see doing exercises that you thought were impossible, like triceps kicks and push-ups at the same time. Nothing can be less motivating than doing bicep curls next to a guy bench pressing 500lbs and doing leg raises while you strain to flex on a 10lb weight band.

3.) Davis:

Ever wanted to be surrounded by hundreds of students all stressing while cramming for exams? Davis Library provides this… and more! Here you’ll find students who are pulling all-nighters and drinking coffee, Starbucks espressos, and energy shots like they’re going out of style. The silence only leads to a wandering mind and even more procrastination than if you had stayed in your room with your roommate singing Taylor Swift to the top of her lungs.


2.) Might As Well:

Might As Well is new, it’s fresh, it’s all the happening, and it has a catchy name. All of that is cool, but it’s no CFD, TOPO, Library, or Sup Dogs. All of these places have that one thing that Might As Well lacks: tradition. We all know CFD for its Thursday night drink specials, Sup Dogs for Mug Night, the Library for Tequila Tuesday and TOPO as a classic Chapel Hill bar. Might As Well seems like the place you go to pre-game so you might as well go somewhere else, right?


1.) Chapel Hill Transit:

What about Chapel Hill Transit is so special? Well, maybe it’s the fact that they are always on time. Yeah, right. What’s the point of taking the bus if whether it’s to class or to party, you’ll end up late? Free and good is good. Free and fine is fine. Free and bad is bad.



4.) Late Night:

“Oh, it’s just breakfast food,” has been said about Late Night a million times, but it’s much more than that. Remember that day that you had meetings until 10 p.m. and missed every meal? Well you could’ve had breakfast food, pizza, cheeseburgers or turkey burgers at late night, but then again, it’s just breakfast food, right?


3.) The Pit:

You’ve heard a lot about the Pit, you’ve been through the pit, and you may think it’s overhyped, but the pit really is a social hub on campus. Regardless of what is happening in the pit, the possibilities are endless. The Pit can even help you with that sociology project that requires you to interview random people. What better place to find random people than the place where people are sitting around relaxing and doing nothing? You definitely won’t find a better random sample than the mixed bag that exists here.


2.) 1.5.0:

If you haven’t been here, you’re missing out, and odds are you’re too busy buying Chick-Fil-A or Sushinara. While you continue to be basic as you wait patiently in line at these other places, you’re missing out on some good food. There’s no better way to celebrate the completion of a tough exam than with a freshly-made shrimp burger, freshly-made fries, and, of course, hushpuppies. But that’s of no concern to you; your chicken sandwich will taste just as good…maybe?


1.) Student Store’s Escalator:

Oh, you’ve been so good to so many and nobody talks about you unless you’re not working, and then you hear “I might as well have taken the stairs outside.” This escalator has saved many from sweating through their shirts on those humid summer days and those days when it decides to pour down rain even though the sun is shining bright. Those stairs between the student stores and the union aren’t for everyone but the escalator accepts and welcomes everyone.


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