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The 4 Types of Roommate Conflicts You’ve Run Into While Living At HoJo

At UNC, most first years decide to live on south campus for that traditional first year experience. Some decide to live in Ehringhaus, some go for Craige, but the most common choice is, of course, HoJo, even though all the south campus dorms are exactly the same. HoJo seems like a good option because the size of it gives residents a lot of opportunities to meet new people. However, it wouldn’t be the first year dorm experience without some classic freshman roommate conflicts in your small, old, hot HoJo dorm room. Here are the four most common types of problems you’ve definitely experienced with your roommate at HoJo.


4.) The Encroachment Conundrum:

Too soon into the semester you found out the imaginary, magical line you drew in your head that separates your side of your small room from your roommate’s didn’t actually exist. You woke up one sunny morning only to find two dirty CDS tubs left on your desk from your roommate’s late-night munchies session at Ram’s. The worst day for having this type of roommate is laundry day. After a long day of bombing an Econ 101 test and eight straight hours of studying, all you want to do is make that long walk back to HoJo and curl up in your bed in die.  But when you get to your room the only thing you find is a mountain of your roommate’s clothes, resembling the Himalayas, sprawled atop your bed.

3.) The Starvation Paradox:

As a HoJo resident you have the benefit of CDS buffet-style dining, but it’s also commonplace to buy snacks for your room. The worst part about having snacks is, of course, your roommate never has snacks for himself. So when your roommate inevitably gets hungry during the late hours he asks you for your snacks. You’ll have to protect your snacks like a momma bear protects her cubs. If this issue doesn’t relate to you, guess what? You’re the problem.


2.) The Night-Owl Agitation:

Sleeping on the rock hill that is your HoJo bed is hard enough as it is. So it’s nightmarish to have a night-owl for a roommate. This type of roommate believes it’s a good idea to go to bed after the sun comes up and wake up in the middle of the night. There’s no worse feeling than when your roommate swings open your inevitably creaky HoJo door, stomps around on the creaky wooden floor and flings himself onto his squeaky bed. All occurring after you fell asleep hours ago.


1.) The Relationship Inevitability:   

HoJo helped your roommate find not only friends, but also a significant other. This is great for your roommate, but not so great for yourself. This is because you now have two roommate, as he or she will be around literally all the time! The new boo sleeps in your small room, eats your snacks and even changes your preset TV channels that you’ve worked so hard to establish as the normal channels for your room. You may be okay with this if you actually like the person but you view it as an annoyance more than a gift.


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