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4 UNC Fun Facts to Make You Forget You Still Don’t Have a Summer internship

Spring break is over and the end of the semester is fast approaching! Midterms have mostly ended and students are thinking about their summer plans. But let’s not fall into the trap of stress and anxiety. Let’s distract ourselves from our utter lack of plans and focus on some fun bits of UNC-Chapel Hill history!

4.) UNC was the first state University in the United States and was the only one to award degrees during the 18th Century:
Because of this, the school has a long-standing reputation of academic rigor and accomplishment. Just a big ole heavy weight of a reputation that pushes you to want tangible and immediate success. Why not start with a summer internship? Have you been looking? How many cover letters have you sent out?

3.) Chapel Hill was originally named after New Hope Chapel, located on a hill in town:
The name was eventually shortened to Chapel Hill, and the The Carolina Inn now stands where the church once did. Maybe you could work in the clergy this summer? There was that stipend you saw about funding students “with strong Christian faith and interest in learning about the influence of Christianity on eastern Asian economies during the years 1943-1944.” That could maybe fit into your Spanish/Art double major.

2.) Franklin Street was named after the one and only Ben Franklin:
Named in 1790, the street honors Franklin’s passion for practical education for youth. Like how Caleb always says he doesn’t understand why anyone gets a degree in anything arts-related. We get it, Caleb, you’re interning at IBM this summer. Cool! You’re going to ”succeed.” Who cares? Do you think you could look at my resume when you get a chance?

1.) Former basketball coach, Dean Smith, set the record for the most wins of any men’s college basketball coach until the record was broken in 2007 by Bob Knight:
A love for Carolina basketball is the thread that bonds all UNC students. Watching games together at Sup Dogs or in the Dean Dome are the memories each student will hold tightly. Isn’t that what college is all about? Making lasting friendships and memories and having a little fun! Why is there so much pressure on students to find meaningful work during their summers? Can’t we enjoy being young for just a second––WAS THAT NOISE YOUR PHONE OR MINE? THAT’S THE TONE MY EMAIL MAKES. MAYBE ONE OF THE COMPANIES EMAILED ME BACK! THEY SAID I’D PROBABLY HEAR BY TODAY–oh it’s my CVS e-receipt.

Please give a shout if anyone needs a summer intern with only comedy writing experience.

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