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5 Alternate Activities Tar Heels Can Do In UNC Bathrooms

UNC students don’t just go to the bathroom in the bathroom; we all know this.  For some it’s a good cry spot, for others it’s an escape from reality and a sanctuary for self-reflection. For others, the potty spot is a prime place for social interaction among peers. The good thing about UNC is its variety of bathrooms across campus. Whatever your inclination is, UNC lavatories are here to help. So here’s a list of the 5 best bathrooms to do whatever your little heart desires.


5.) For eating a peaceful lunch, Wilson Library bathrooms:


Every student knows that CDS isn’t UNC’s best service. Not only is Lenoir food not that great, but also it’s almost impossible to find a place to sit around lunchtime. Have not fear: the luxuriousness of Wilson’s bathrooms are unparalleled by any other bathrooms at UNC. You could eat your meal off the floor. Even the students who walk into the bathroom only to find you eating in there won’t question it because they know the hardships of the Top of Lenoir during lunchtime.

4.) For an innovative think tank, Genome Science bathrooms:

Every student at UNC gets a spark of innovation in them every now and again. The bathrooms at Genome with their crafty steel stalls are perfect for that innovative, think tank environment every entrepreneur dreams of. There are even rumors that Bill Gates first got the idea for Excel while loitering around these bathrooms.

3.) For screwing with your mind, Davis bathrooms:

Everyone loved the movie Inception. So, if you are feeling like you want to get a real-life experience of Inception, try going to the eighth floor of Davis and go to the bathroom. Then, go down one more floor and go to the bathroom again. Then, go down two more floors then up three then take the elevator down five floors and go to the bathroom. This is when you’ll need to collect yourself because you’ll eventually realize you have no idea what floor you’re on, because every bathroom in Davis looks exactly the same. But, hopefully you have your spinning top to reassure yourself you’re not in a dream.

2.) For the social experience, Student Union bathrooms:

Some UNC students don’t enjoy the awkward silence of regular bathrooms. UNC students can have their best conversations while washing their hands at a bathroom sink. The good news is the Union bathrooms are great for socializing. They’re nice and big with a lot of floor room for activities. There are even murmurs that UNC might install a muffin and coffee lounge area for all Union bathroom lovers.

1.) To escape reality, Phillips Hall bathrooms:

If you’re taking a class in Phillips Hall there’s 95% chance you hate that class. Have no fear though; the bathrooms at Phillips are the best bathrooms on campus to help you escape reality. Even though Phillips’ bathrooms are bland and don’t have any redeeming qualities it has to be better than your Calculus 2 class.


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