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5 Lazy Activities to Help Tar Heels Survive the FWOC

Our wonderful 3-week winter break is over, and it’s time to get back to the daily grind at UNC. The spring semester has so much to look forward to: UNC vs. Duke basketball games, UNC Dance Marathon, and graduating seniors frantically searching “Where can I get a job?” But in the midst of all of that, you still have to go to class. The first week is always the hardest, so here are 5 activities to help you survive the Tar Heel Blues:

5.) Eat comfort food on Franklin Street:

After weeks of eating your mom’s delicious cooking and raiding your parents’ pantry for all of the junk food you can’t afford, don’t worry about attempting to eat healthily so you can lose that Christmas break weight. Forget about your summer bod, eat your feelings: it’ll make you feel better. On Franklin Street alone, you can get Insomnia cookies, Mediterranean Deli pita bread, Sup Dogs… Why go to class? Just go to Chipotle!


4.) Avoid the libraries while you can:

Don’t worry about making the walk of shame between Davis and the UL at 4 a.m. during the first week. Save those readings for when you’re stressed out at midnight the night before your midterm, and you haven’t done a single assigned reading. It’s the first week, and what professor goes hard on quizzes the first week? It’s better to use all that time you could have been reading doing other things, like binge watching Netflix or reading all of the clickbait articles on Facebook.

3.) Take advantage of interest meetings:

Walk into the Pit this week, and you’ll get sung at by 15 different a cappella groups, run over by 20 different dance groups, and yelled at by a comedy troupe or two. Take them up on it, even if you’re not actually interested in saving homeless dogs or spreading a message of global hygiene. Those events have free food, especially pizza.


2.) Don’t drink from the Old Well:

In order to drink from the Old Well before your first class, you’ll have to wake up at 4 a.m. and wait in a long line of students, who are also sleep-deprived from waking up before 1 p.m. for the first time in 3 weeks, and in freezing cold temperatures (for the South, at least). All for a small sip of well water and a picture to post on social media. Unless you’ve made a 4.0 GPA every semester before this and it’s the only way to keep the streak alive, just stay in bed.


1.) Cry:

When all else fails, cry. Eventually, during the first week of this semester, you’ll find yourself lying on your bed, in the fetal position. You will be surrounded by all of the bowls of cereal you stole from Lenoir. Your laptop will be logged into Sakai, as you read through all of your professors’ syllabi to find out how fucked you are this semester. Tears will begin to flow down your face, and you will cry yourself to sleep. Perhaps it’ll make you feel better to let loose all of the stress and anxiety you feel about this semester. Or maybe it will just make a better excuse to continue eating all of the junk food you can. Either way, don’t worry. The UNC God Michael Jordan cries too. And as he always says: “The ceiling is the roof!” Use that phrase to mean whatever you want it to mean, and get through FWOC. Just in time for… midterms….



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