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5 Senior Photo Locations Actually True To Your UNC Experience

As the end of your senior year approaches, you probably feel the need to pay a little too much money for a photographer to take pictures of you in front of places you haven’t been to since your toured UNC as a junior in high school. Seriously, when was the last time you even went to the Bell Tower? And did you even know where the UNC seal was until your photographer asked to meet at South Building? If you really want to capture your UNC experience, ask your photographer to meet you in these alternative locations:

5.) The green Aquarium Lounge couch by the fish tank:
This couch has been your home away from home at Carolina. Like, you may feel more at home on this couch than in any dorm room or apartment you’ve ever lived in. You take your Chick-fil-A to this couch when there’s nowhere to sit in Lenoir, you’ve taken naps of every length on this couch, and this couch has been with you through thick and thin. When you were stress eating Alpine cinnamon sugar bagels because you failed all of your midterms your first semester here, it was on this couch. You know exactly how to lie on this couch so that no part of your body touches any of the weird stains. You’d be remiss if you left it out of your senior pictures, so get some good shots of you pretending to take a nap on this couch in your cap and gown!

4.) The women’s bathroom on Greenlaw’s 3rd floor:

This is your hangover bathroom. When you were a baby freshman who got drunk off of Barefoot wine spritzers, Greenlaw’s 3rd floor bathroom is where you stumbled the next morning before your English 105 class. Since then, you’ve somehow always ended up there every time you’ve had a hangover. Even when you were halfway across campus, like that time you were stumbling around Phillips Hall, nauseated because you were hung over and just hate Phillips Hall with the passion of an English major, and the next moment you were heaving into a toilet in Greenlaw’s 3rd floor bathroom. Make sure your photographer makes use of the natural lighting to accent the green undertones in your skin! It provides a nice contrast for your cap and gown.

 3.) The brick sidewalk:

Freshman year, you probably spent more time tripping and falling on the bricks than actually walking, going to class, or studying combined. Even as a senior, you’ve probably still tripped on the bricks enough that someone thought this was your first semester at Carolina. Considering all the time you’ve spent with these bricks, they deserve some camera time. So pick a spot on campus, and just spend some time taking pictures of you re-creating your best falls and sprawls. Bonus points for realism if the photographer can get a picture of you almost getting hit by a bicycle while getting up! 

2.) A seat on the U Route bus:
After freshman year, you figured out that just taking the bus everywhere was the way to go. So what if you’ll be 30 minutes late to a 50 minute class? At least if you take the bus you won’t be another innocent victim of the evil bricks. But just riding the bus isn’t your only experience with buses as a Carolina student! Make sure to also get some pictures of you running to the bus stop, flailing your arms to try to get the driver’s attention as he drives away as fast as possible.

 1.) Davis Cube 4:

Study Cube 4 is where you studied for an entire day for your first orgo exam when you were still a bio major freshman year. It’s where you spent a straight week writing your first 10 page paper (along with procrastinating on said paper). Davis Study Cube 4 has seen you at your absolute worst, like when you wrote your honors thesis in two days while subsisting on coffee and dreams, or when you learned Spanish in one night after not going to class for an entire semester. If you don’t stay up for 5 straight nights, then ask your photographer to meet you in Davis Cube 4 for some realistic study session pictures, you’ll regret it as much as you regretted only studying for an hour on your first bio midterm.

Show your relatives what your experience at UNC has really been like! Maybe one of them will take pity on you and give you a job or something.

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