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5 Ways to Prank UNC This April Fool’s Day

April Fools is coming in fast, and there’s no better way to show your school spirit than with a good prank. Of course, Chapel Hill deserves only the best, so it would have to be a pretty special prank in order to fit the bill. For you less conniving folks out there, here’s some suggestions to get you started.

5.) The Mystery Ram:
The first thing this prank needs is a good target, a building lots of people will be using. Lenoir Hall would work, for sure. Then, get in touch with your farmer friends, because the next thing it needs is three rams. Doesn’t matter what kind, tall, thin, short. You could even paint them burgundy if you want to.

Once you have the rams, you need to put a sign on each one. One saying “One”, one saying “Two”, and one saying “Four”. Then, just let them loose in Lenoir one dark, moonlit night and wait. You’re probably thinking “Wait, but where’s the third ram?” And you see, the university will be wondering that too. Thing is, there is no third ram. You can sit back and laugh watching them search for that last nonexistent ram.

4.) Name Swap:
Remember when Carolina Hall was called Saunders? Or when Chase was just Rams? One of the biggest troubles students have on campus is the buildings getting their names swapped around. So, why don’t you turn that back on the university? When April Fool’s Day rolls around, go grab the nameplates off of halls around campus. Then, start swapping them out with others. Best case scenario, we get some time off school while it has to be fixed! Or, you could do something even better with a bit more effort. Swap the buildings themselves. With a big enough team it would probably be doable, right? Maybe airlift them, but then you’d have to be careful no one that noticed Phillips flying over their heads.

3.) Put a Hat on the Clock Tower:
This is a nice one that might not be noticed for a while. Don’t you think the clock tower just looks so lonely and bare? Climb up to the top and stick a hat up there, whatever kind you want. A slick bowler might do well, or a stetson. After all, isn’t it part of a Tar Heel’s job to keep the campus looking pretty? Honestly, it’s surprising no one’s dressed up the clock tower before now. Just make sure you fasten the hat down so it won’t blow off.

2.) Fill in the Pit:
This one shouldn’t be too hard with a couple bags of gravel. Or maybe a cement mixer. But wouldn’t it be hilarious if we all woke up one morning and the Pit was no longer a pit? There would be havoc. People wouldn’t know what to do. Clubs would have to stand over the Pit instead of in the Pit. And poor Gary the Pit Preacher wouldn’t have anywhere to go! For added prank value, stick a time capsule inside to be opened when it gets uncovered again. You could put whatever you want in there, honestly. Maybe some of the mugs you stole?

1.) Scatter Fake OneCards:
And finally, you can start up your defunct counterfeit press and crank out some fake OneCards. Give them some real crazy names and pictures if you want. Then, once you’ve got enough (probably like a million), scatter them over the quad. The university will have a field day sorting those out! But you can’t really say it would be a bad thing. They’re all such a lovely shade of blue. It would probably improve those drab brick paths a lot.

So, overall, there’s a ton of things you can do to prank the university this April Fool’s Day, from the mundane to the actually interesting. Just don’t overdo it! The last thing you want is to overdo it. Aim for something that you and Carol Folt can laugh about over a sweet cup of cucumber water.

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