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The 6 Different Incoming UNC Freshmen You’ll See On The Class of 2022 Page

If you’ve ever been an incoming freshman, or a member of a UNC “Class Of” Facebook group, then you’re bound to have run across at least some of  these 6 different people, who are all very excited to be coming to UNC.

6.) Kayley, who is 99.9% sure she’s coming to UNC:

Kayley says she loves UNC and it’s her dream school, but she’s still waiting on those rejection letters from her 9 other reach schools. By May, when she’s cried all of her tears out about Georgetown, she’ll be posting on Instagram about how every day is a GDTBATH. She’ll want to join a campus ministry, but if she mentions Klesis, run.

5.) Derek, who is from New York:

Derek is a rare breed of out-of-state student, and once he’s here, he will 100% never bring up the fact about how much harder it is to get into UNC being from out of state, and how he can’t just run home every weekend like all the pathetic NC locals. He’ll also never, ever mention how a 20-degree day in NC feels like summer to him. His mom is the Statue of Liberty.

4.) Bri, who is considering rushing, likes going out, but also appreciates a good Netflix binge:

Bri appears the most frequently on UNC Facebook pages, yet she manages to take different forms. Bri has been coming to UNC parties since her sophomore year at Chapel Hill High, and she doesn’t want to live at home, she wants to live in Ehringhaus. Her favorite shows are The Office, Stranger Things, and Friends. Surprisingly, she hates country music!

3.) Lola, who is from Wilmington:

Lola likes to participate in women’s marches and thinks that she is an animal whisperer. She’ll try to sell herself as a good roommate because “free trips to the beach!!!!” but she’ll never actually invite you to go. “All the UNC games” she’s so excited to attend include one football game, and selling her phase 2 Duke tickets for Chipotle money.

2.) Brent, who plans to major in bio with a Spanish minor:

Brent is the cool guy who likes to kick back and relax. He played loads of sports in High School but by the end of his first year here, he’ll have a beer belly. He’s going to live in Granville and spends his nights manspreading on the P2P. You won’t have to ask him if he’s rushing a frat. He is.

1.) Anna, who is from Asheville:

Anna is from Asheville, and thinks Myers-Briggs test results determines your compatibility. She also wants to live on North Campus. That’s all you need to know about her.

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