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6 Things To Expect at Late Night With Roy

Time to celebrate! Basketball season is finally here, and what better way to kick it off than with Late Night With Roy? It definitely beats whatever event Dook will be hosting. Is it where they celebrate a second round tournament exit instead of a national title? Here are six things to expect at Late Night With Roy.


6.) Kenny Smith:

Our very own Kenny “The Jet” Smith returns to the Dean Dome this Friday, and so what if we don’t really know who he is? The only thing that concerns us is that he’s a Tar Heel. It doesn’t matter that he’s practically always getting wedgied by Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA.


5.) The Raising of the Banner:

Plenty of schools have events similar to Late Night With Roy to kick off basketball season, but none of them will be raising a National Championship banner. We’re so excited that we’ll be posting it all over Snapchat and getting blocked by Dookies—our natural rivals—and NC State fans, who like to pretend that they still have a basketball team.


4.) Theo Pinson Dancing:

Would it really be Late Night With Roy if the players didn’t dance? And while some are better dancers than others, let’s just say it’s a good thing they were recruited for their basketball talents, and not what they could do on the dance floor.

3.) Crowds:

No basketball event would be complete without a crowd of people, most of which you’ve never seen before and all of which will be in your way when you’re trying to get somewhere. As if bikers, slow walking students, and people standing around talking in the middle of the sidewalk didn’t make campus crowded enough, now we’re adding even more people coming from all over the state. Half of them didn’t even go here! It’s damn near ridiculous.


2.) The Tar Heel Light Show:

A new feature that was introduced last season during pre-game introductions, the Tar Heel Light Show is sure to make an appearance. A ton of flashing lights may not be the best thing ever from a health perspective, but who is thinking about the danger of constant flashing lights when you’re in the Dean Dome cheering on the Heels? And besides, it only last for a few minutes, so you’ll be fine. Probably.


1.) Spending Your Whole Day At The Dean Dome:

While Late Night With Roy is a great event, it is very time consuming and should really be called All Day With Roy. Doors open at 4:00p.m. and seeing as this is a free event, any and every Tar Heel fan that is able to make it will be in attendance. So, if you had dreams of getting a seat in the front row, break out your tent and head to the Dean Dome, but odds are someone has already beat you to it.  

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