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The 6 Most Treacherous Finals at UNC

 Yeah, yeah, everybody hates finals week. And we’ve all got a lot of work ahead of us. But look on the bright side: it could be worse! Take some of your time to look over these universally feared finals at UNC and be thankful you don’t have to deal with them. Unless you do. In which case, we’ll all send Scantrons to your funeral.

6.) PHYS 118: Introductory Calculus-based Mechanics and Relativity:
Starting off with one of the big ones, we have PHYS 118. Just walk through Phillips Hall after a lecture and you can see why this one made the list. Students will be shuffling out of the room, bleary-eyed and sometimes on the verge of tears. When the final rolls around, it’s just as brutal as the class led you to expect. But what’s the hardest part? The fact that the final will probably be at eight in the morning, way up in the FedEx Global Center.

5.) LFIT 232: Roman Gladiatorial Combat:
LFIT 232 is mostly just your standard LFIT class, with one major difference. In keeping with the class topic, the final exam is a gladiatorial fight to the death in Kenan Stadium among all the students. The difficulty of this final can greatly depend on who you take the class with. It might be best to steer clear of athletes. Still, it’s not all bad! The grading is pretty lax most of the time. You could lose a few limbs and still make it out with a B-!

4.) CHEM 102: General Descriptive Chemistry 2:
Chemistry has long been one of the most notorious subjects at UNC Chapel Hill, and the bane of many a prospective med student. The classes are hard, the labs are harder, and the problems are all incomprehensible. So, by the time you get to the final, your brain has completely combusted (get it?). Not to mention that the students will be gladly sharing with their friends how AWFUL the class is, which just makes it all the more dreadful. So why is the 102 final harder than the 101 version? Simple! To take 102, you have to get through the 101 first!

3.) PHIL 444: Objects and Theory of Mind:
PHIL 444 is an interesting class. Like other philosophy courses, it’s mainly a lot of reading old white guys who use way too many words to say “I can see my hand”. Specifically, this class focuses on if objects have consciousness. The final is the only really hard thing about the class, because to prove what you’ve learned, you have to debate with a chair on the possibility of it having a mind. Yes, a chair! To this day, no one has managed to make an A, but that won’t stop a philosophy major from trying.

2.) COMP 110: Introduction to Programming:
A popular choice for those who want to sound like they know how a computer works, Introduction to Programming is also famous for being tough. When you’ve spent a whole semester going over arrays and data types and parameters, it all kinda starts to blur together. But regardless, this class will leave a lasting impact. It seems the more you learn about computers, the less you trust them.

1.) GEOL 101: Planet Earth:
No list of the hardest finals would be complete without GEOL 101. Students end up getting tested on a bunch of rocks, and nothing’s harder than rock. So it’s the hardest final! Right? Riiiight??

So there you go, a heads-up on which finals to watch out for. Sadly, these seem to be held as the golden standard for finals at Chapel Hill, and all the others are growing tougher to match. It won’t be long before you have to win a Nobel Prize to pass a class!



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