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7 Hopes and Dreams Tar Heels Have About This Basketball Season

UNC students love UNC basketball, there’s no debate there. Last season was amazing, but this season seems a little less “written in the stars.” We’re 9 games into the season, but there’s still so much to look forward to. We can always expect for some more late-night Instagram DM-ing action from the players, some more fraternity parties to see them at and much, much more. Like these 7 things:

7.) A MVP season for Luke Maye:

A lot of UNC students doubted Luke’s abilities his freshman year, and with good reason. He wasn’t that good. Now, he looks to be the best and most experienced one on the court. Get ready to yell “Luuuuuke” a lot this season, because he’s snagging that MVP award this season. You heard it here first.

6.) Theo Pinson hopefully figuring out he can’t shoot threes:

Let’s face it, Theo is an assistor. That’s his specialty and there’s nothing wrong with that. So please, enough with the uncontested fade away three-pointers that don’t even earn the title of a “shot.” Scoring is great, but you know what’s cooler? Passing the ball. Sharing is caring, Mr. Pinson.

5.) UNC vs Dook:

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room: Duke is pretty good this season. But you know what? UNC can be better! Historically, rankings don’t even really matter when UNC clashes against Duke. Both teams lose their sense of reality and just become visibly furious while playing each other. All we can hope for is that Grayson doesn’t try to trip someone. Not likely, but people who actually like watching real basketball and not a little boy pouting on the ground can hold out hope.

4.) Roy Williams thinking about calling a timeout:

There was talk in the UNC locker room last week that Roy is thinking about calling a timeout this season. This would be incredible for the basketball program. They’ll be able to grab some water, sit down for a bit and maybe even have a quick conversation about the game with the one person at UNC who sometimes knows what he’s talking about: Roy. Don’t drink too much water though boys, water makes you weak.

3.) Andrew Platek’s glo up:

If you don’t know who Andrew is, you will. He may be a freshman, but this kid is 6-3 and 195 pounds of pure destruction. There’ve been sweet whispers around campus that he hails from Mt. Olympus and is the son of Zeus himself. Others say he’s from Guilderland, New York, son of Michael, but no one can be truly sure. Let’s not worry about that though; all we have to do is sit back and watch the Platek sauce be created before our eyes.  

2.) Seeing Seventh Woods in that Manchester United jersey again:

It seems like Seventh really likes wearing that Man U jersey, because he wears it out to most parties. No one can blame him though; it’s a pretty sick jersey. Be you.

1.) Joel Berry’s grind or die season:

Everyone knew this day would come. Joel is a senior. Last season, at times, he was spectacular (when his ankles weren’t shot, of course). Now, this is his last shot to not just up his NBA draft rank, but also to just get drafted in general. He knows this better than anyone else. He’ll no doubt be working harder than ever this season. Put a show on Joel, but please, for everyone at UNC, try to lay off the video games for a while.

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