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7 Places You Should NEVER Study at On UNC’s Campus

So, there are a ton of lists out there that tell you places where you should study, and that’s great. But there are a ton of places on campus that endanger your grind. As a UNC student, we’re sure you want to do as well as you can on your finals, and where you study can be vital for that. So, here are 7 examples of where you shouldn’t study:


7.) The Quad:

Sure, it can be great to have some fresh air while you study, to really clear your mind. But then your back starts itching from lying in the grass, or your neck gets a crick from sitting against a tree for too long, or you get a sunburn… Basically, studying outside leads to more pain than gain.

Also, people always bring their dogs to the Quad, and dogs are distracting.


6.) The Pit:

The Pit is always full of people, whether they’re students, teachers, or those groups of tourists that are always here at the worst time. So, the Pit is always crowded and noisy, there’s never a place to sit, except for the ground, and then you’re going to have some of the symptoms that come from sitting on the Quad.

Plus, people in general are distracting. Not naming any names here, but a certain old guy whose name starts with a “G” comes to mind…  


5.) Carolina Union:

The Union is a super-popular place to hang out on campus. After all, they do have a Wendy’s. So, there’s a great chance you’ll see your best friend, your worst enemy, or your professor there. Then you’ll spend all of your time and energy that you were going to use for studying talking to them or avoiding them.

Plus, in the basement of the Union, there’s an area called the Union Underground where dance groups practice a lot, and that’s distracting.


4.) The Arboretum:

The Arboretum is a quiet, peaceful place to study. Too quiet. Eerily quiet. Sometimes, it’s nice to know that humanity still exists when you’re studying, so you don’t get too isolated in your headspace. Knowing that the world hasn’t ended, even if your life will from failing whatever test you’re studying for, can be reassuring to an already stressed out mind.

Plus, pretty plants are distracting.


3.) Lenoir Dining Hall:

Food. Drink. Laptop. All in one space. Does that cause anxiety for anyone else? Did you know that a CCI laptop’s warranty doesn’t cover accidental spills?

Also Chick-fil-A is distracting. One glance and suddenly you have 4 sandwiches and 5000 waffle fries. 


2.) Your dorm:

All of your stuff is in your living space, and when you’re frantically studying, that seems to be the time when your mind goes, “Hey, I haven’t read that book in a while. Why not now?” Or, “Hey, I’m hungry. Time to try that new recipe you saw on Pinterest yesterday.” It’s way too easy to procrastinate at home.

Plus, you have roommates, suitemates, or neighbors, and all of those people. Are. Distracting.


1.) Davis library:

You’re anxious about whatever you’re studying for, but so is everyone else. The whole place is just one big space of negative energy, which you feel as soon as you step into the entrance. So, even if you have the best intentions, as soon as you sit down to study, you’ll immediately think of ways to get out of studying, and find yourself watching Netflix for five hours instead. Trust us, it just happens no matter what.

Plus, it’s distracting to listen to the cries of anguish and misery that echo the halls of Davis.


You know what, maybe just don’t study. Just drop out and become a stripper instead, it seems way less stressful and you won’t have to worry about studying for final exams…    

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