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7 Reasons To Be Thankful We Don’t Go To Dook

In the ageless rivalry of UNC vs Duke, be thankful you chose the right side. Here are 7 reasons we’re all thankful we’re Tar Heels and don’t attend that gross school 8 miles away.

7.) March Madness:
March can be a rough month when your team comes into the season with a chance to win it all and gets eliminated the first or second weekend of the tournament. This is the life of a Duke student, steadily having their hearts broken by schools like Lehigh, South Carolina, and Mercer. Crying Blue Devils only furthers the pleasure we take in seeing our Tar Heels continue to dance through the tournament.

6.) Carolina Blue:
Carolina blue versus royal blue; it’s a constant debate between Carolina fans and Dook fans, but royal blue is just so basic. So many other teams use royal blue in their uniforms that it doesn’t hold any real weight. Carolina blue, on the other hand, is unique to UNC. You ever tried to find an exact match to Carolina blue in the Home Depot paint aisle, or tried to find the perfect shoes to go with your new Carolina jersey? It’s impossible and infuriating all at the same time, but we love it.

5.) Success in Professional Sports:
Last year we had players taken in the first round of the NFL, MLB, and NBA drafts, and we’re the only school in the WHOLE country that can say it. Did Dook even have players get drafted to the NFL or MLB? Let’s not forget those one-and-dones that they take so much pride in but rarely do anything in the NBA. After all, James Michael McAdoo did just beat Kyrie Irving for the second time in three years to earn his  second  NBA title. Can you even claim kids that weren’t at your school for more than a year?

4.) The GOAT:

The greatest thing to ever happen to basketball came out of UNC, not Dook. There isn’t much to say here, Jordan speaks for himself.

3.) Franklin Street:
Franklin Street is a staple of UNC, and yeah, sure, Dook is located in a more city-like environment than Chapel Hill, but their students don’t have a place where they can go to party, eat, celebrate, and shop. Most importantly, Franklin Street provides all Tar Heels a place to run to when we beat that school from down the road. You ever see any proof of Dook fans having the same ability when they beat us?

2.) Hall of Fame Coaches:
Dook has Coach K, but we have the late, great Dean Smith and his just-as-great prodigy, Roy Williams. Coach K has a history of dirty players like Christian Laettner, Grayson Allen and Gerald Henderson, and only caring about winning. Winning is great and all, but winning and doing so with people that are like family is even better, and that is just what Dean Smith and Roy Williams have brought not just to Carolina basketball, but to UNC as a whole.

1.) Housing:
Could you imagine being required to live on campus until you were a senior, or having to purchase a meal plan every year that you lived on campus? Sounds like a nightmare, right? It sounds about as bad as the stories your parents and grandparents told you about how they registered for courses before the Internet. It’s absolutely terrifying, but it’s a reality that Dook students live with, so let’s be thankful that Carolina only requires us to live on campus our freshman year, much less purchase a meal plan.

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