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7 Things UNC Students Have to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving’s almost here, and it’s time to take stock of what’s really important. With finals coming up, it might be hard to focus on the good, but there are plenty of perks of being a Tar Heel, even when your professors are slowly killing you test by test. Here are 7 of the things that Tar Heels can mention when giving thanks this year.

7.) (Relatively) cheap cost of education:

College is, in general, really freaking expensive. BUT, UNC requires less than half the cost of many private school alternatives. While the broke college kid stereotype upholds itself here, at least we won’t be graduating with debt quite as crippling as students cashing out on Ivy Leagues.

6.) Not going to Duke:

Speaking of ridiculously expensive private schools, there’s one in particular that we’re thrilled to avoid. Anyone can tell you that UNC is the University of The People. Duke is, what, the University of False Superiority and an Unnecessary Sense of Competition Among Peers? Thank god we go to a school where everyone can find something to love.

5.)  Attractive School Colors:

Everyone looks good in Carolina Blue. Living on a campus that’s dripping in it is like existing in a world of constant clear skies and sunny days. Let other schools take orange and green, purple and yellow. They can dress like the product of a Crayola explosion; we’ll keep living it up in light blue and white.

4.) Basketball:

You don’t know school spirit until you’ve been at Carolina around basketball season. Whether you were athletic or not in high school, when you get to UNC you will learn to love this sport with all that you are. We’re proud of our team, and students are united by intense excitement at seeing the players dance it out to the High School Musical soundtrack. And, yeah, we happen to be Six-Time National Champions. That doesn’t exactly hurt morale.

3.) There’s so much to do all the time:

Carolina students like to complain about being busy, but if we’re being honest, it’s a blessing. While those small, expensive private schools in the rural northeast end up making students feel trapped, for us it’s more a matter of having too many options. With a thousand events going on every day on campus, we never have to worry about boredom while we’re here. It’s a relief going into the weekend knowing that you have the option of attending a concert, a movie at the Union, a party, a workshop, or even just taking the time for yourself and watching trashy TV while eating copious amounts of ice cream.

2.) A beautiful campus:

There’s a reason why James Taylor is always gone to Carolina in his mind. There’s nothing like walking home from class on a brisk fall day at UNC. As opposed to NC State, which looks designed by the guy who invented bricks, here there’s something here for every taste. Obsessed with Harry Potter? Go chill in Wilson and pretend you’re at Hogwarts. More into the modern vibe? Wear all black and run around Genome like a CIA agent. See? how could you ever be bored at UNC?

1.) Just nice people:

For a lot people, college is a matter of either over-the-top partying, or cutthroat competition. Unlike some schools, UNC offers a balance of that. No one will judge you if you come to class in sweats, or break down crying for no apparent reason. If you embarrass yourself at a party, your friends will be more concerned with getting you home safe than laughing while you puke on a frat boy you’ve never met before. Yeah, everyone will hit their rough spots, but it’s nice to know that there are 20,000 people around you who have probably gone through the exact same thing.

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