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7 Ways To Lose Money In The UNC Student Stores (Other Than Buying Textbooks, Of Course)

Textbooks sure are expensive, but ever since Barnes & Noble took over the Student Stores, there are other ways that the Student Stores finesse you out of your money. Like these 7 ways.


7.) Non-textbook books:

The bookshops in the Student Stores carry a large selection of popular titles that people love to read, but when do you have time to read for fun? It’s definitely not in those two days between your calculus exam and history term paper being due, but War & Peace will make a great paperweight until you find time to read it.


6.) Trying to support every UNC sports team:

School spirit, they know we have it and they know we want to show it. Nothing says school spirit like wearing a $45 Jordan Brand shirt that says “North Carolina Football” to the football game or wearing a $90 basketball jersey to cheer on the Heels in the Dean Dome. Regardless of the sport you want to support, there are cashiers that are more than happy to take your money. And for that occasion when you’re not supporting basketball or football, and are off supporting the fencing team, you can even find a shirt for that.

5.) Overpriced technology accessories:

You just got a brand-new laptop and the last thing you want to do is spill something on the keyboard when you’re drinking coffee at 2 in the morning so you can finish that paper due in your 8a.m. class. Third floor of the Student Stores has you covered, so if you have $50 to drop on a laptop case, cool, enjoy not fitting the broke college student stereotype.


4.) UNC Memorabilia:

Will taking shots from a $20 shots glass with the UNC logo on it really make you feel that much more connected to the school, or will it serve as a constant reminder of the money that you fork over to UNC? Probably a mixture of both, honestly, although you’ll stop thinking about the latter by shot number four.


3.) The Pit Stop:

The Pit Stop is like a convenience store that charges you even more for their convenience. A bag of chips will run you about $2 and some change whereas a gas station would only charge you $1.69 for the same chips, all because it’s not ten steps from that class you’re running late for. Yes, it’s only about a 40-cent difference, but when you’re a broke college student, that 40-cent you spent on a snack can be the difference between eating ramen noodles for dinner and being able to get Cook Out with your friends.


2.) The Cafe:

Along with the take-over, Barnes & Noble introduced a new café to the Student Stores. While it’s not a Starbucks, the prices sure are comparable. Also be prepared to waste  time because once you get in line; you’re on the time of your fellow student — a very underpaid and overworked student– so be patient.


1.) The Cosmetics Section:

Who told Barnes & Nobles it was a good idea to add a cosmetics section? No matter who it was, it was a terrible idea. You’ve probably never seen anyone in this section because cosmetic stuff is already expensive, so why would someone buy it at a marked-up price? The answer is they wouldn’t.

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