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7 Ways to Mourn the End of Your Freshman Year at UNC

It’s that time of year when seniors are crying their eyes out because they’re graduating, juniors are crying because they’re going to be seniors next year, and sophomores are crying because they really need to pick a major out now. But guess what UNC first years, you can cry too! You may have 3 more years of drinking from the Old Well, cheering on UNC’s hopefully better basketball team, and making every meme into a meme about Carol Folt, but you can still be sad about your freshman year ending. Here are some ways to mourn your freshman year:

7.) Listen to one more impromptu a cappella concert outside your dorm:
You’re going to miss the sweet sound of “Hey Craige, come outside!” reverberating through your hallway. Sure, the a cappella groups were only fun to listen to the first two times they were outside your window, and they always seemed to come the night before you had a midterm or something. But, like a siren’s song to a sailor, you can’t say no.

6.) Lose your One Card one last time:
As a first year, you’re allowed to be forgetful about your One Card. One second it’s there, the next second it’s face down on Franklin Street somewhere between He’s Not Here and Med Deli. Learn from the upper classmen: get one of those cool wallet phone holder things, but until then, lose your card one more time, Preferably at an LDOC frat party, and then post about it on Facebook, hoping that someone will find it!

5.) Share a bathroom with everybody one last time:
Next year you’re living in an apartment, so you won’t have to worry about wearing flip flops into the shower, so make sure to say good bye to that sweet corridor-style bathroom one last time! Take a luxurious icy-cold-scalding-hot shower, share awkward eye contact with someone as you brush your teeth, and get the hell out.

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4.) Dress up for class one last time:
Because after freshman year, you’ll live exclusively in UNC sweatshirts and sweatpants. So, go all out for your last class! Wear your prom dress that you brought because you thought you’d wear it to your sorority’s formal or something. After trying to walk to class in the only heels that will go with that dress, you’ll probably never want to dress up again.

3.) Get lost on campus one last time:
Next year, you’re going to have to give directions to clueless freshman like yourself, so you have to know your way around. How else are you going to get freshman hopelessly lost? So take the long, weird way to Davis, because it’s also a good way to procrastinate studying.

2.) Have one more awkward conversation with your assigned roommate:
You’ve never clicked with them, ever. You probably thought everyone becomes best friends with their college roommate based on all the Facebook posts about it, but you haven’t. So have one more conversation where you ask, “how studying’s going?”, they say, “it’s going good, how about you?”, and you respond “good.”, and have nothing else to say. The go have fun in your apartment next year with your real friends.

1.) Have one more Lenoir Dinner:
Because you can’t afford the off-campus meal plans at Lenoir, so you’ll be living off plus swipes, whatever you can scrape together in your kitchen, and the kind souls who are willing to swipe you in when you lie and say you forgot your one card.

Say goodbye to freshman year: it’s been real. But it’s time to start figuring out what your major’s going to be, stressing out because you don’t know what to pick, and then panicking and choosing psychology! Hope you’re committed to grad school!


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