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9 Genius Ways to Park for Free at UNC

With free parking on campus usually only being offered after 5 on Fridays and through the weekend, getting to campus safely and finding a legal spot can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you in figuring out where to park your vehicle for no little to no cost at all.  

9.) Park on top of the Bell Tower:
No one will notice since it’s pretty high up. It’s kind of dangerous but if you successfully do it, Roy Williams levitates from the Dean Dome to the tower and congratulates you on winning the national championship.

8.) Park inside Carol Folt’s office:  

She won’t like this at all. She’d probably get very angry: a rare phenomenon.

7.) Park on top of an Admitted Student’s unsuspecting dad:

What an inattentive admitted student! Hey kid, how’d you even get into UNC when you can’t even keep an eye on your own dad? Good luck getting him out from under!

Park more hastily if the dad is wearing this.  

6.) Park on Luke Maye’s eyebrows:

They seem sturdy enough.  

5.) Park at the flagpole in the quad.  
The smokers will have no clue what to think, say, or do if you invade their area. While they do a fantastic job of protecting the American flag with their smoke clouds, by parking there, you could save lives.

4.) Park it at Hooker Fields.
It’s a huge ass field with a ton of room. Those scrawny LFIT kids may try to move it, but they won’t succeed.

3.) Park it in the Davie Poplar tree.
It’s like building a treehouse, but more historical, and with a car.

2.) Park on top of Grayson Allen.
Just for like a minute or two. To show him who’s boss. You’ll have to pick him up from Duke first in order for this to take place at UNC, but it will be worth it.

1.) Park on top of UNC Dance Marathon:

It’s already over, but still; it deserves to be parked on.

Parking at UNC can be shitty, but if you use that collegiate intellect, there are plenty of solutions. Just make sure that you’re prepared for the legal consequences.

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