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The 9 Kinds of Costumes All UNC Students Should Wear This Halloween

When it comes to Halloween festivities, it doesn’t get more exciting than at UNC. The overflow of people on Franklin is irresistable, and the parties are undoubtedly some of the best of the fall semester. Don’t even bother venturing out if your costume super sucks. Not sure if yours makes the cut? If it’s not on the list below, you’re better off staying in tonight?.


9.) The Couples Costume:

UNC is a great place to do couples Halloween costumes. Have you and your significant other dressed up as the Old Well? You’ll have to determine who gets to distribute water to your friends and family and who has to just support your significant other in everything he or she does in life.  


8.) The Political Costume:

UNC students are very politically affiliated, so just go as Donald Trump. And yes, getting egged does hurt.

7.) The Mascot Costume:

UNC students, like most people, love Rameses. The real question is, do you dress up as Rameses or Rameses Jr? Or you and a friend could have a competition to see who gets more attention as Rameses or Rameses Jr. and finally settle the debate over which is loved more.


6.) The Murderous Costume:

Try to avoid the overdone Pennywise clown costume you wear while you seek to scare the shit out of your friends. Instead, opt for a kid-friendly murder allure like the Grim Reaper or Freddy Krueger.


5.) The Practical Costume:

Since Halloween is all about pretending to be something you’re not, why not pretend to be an adult? Buy some clothes that look nice and actually fit you for once in your goddamn life.


4.) The Sexy Costume:

At UNC, Halloween allows it to be socially acceptable to hoe yourself out, even in the chilliest of conditions. Nothing says “sexy” like dressing up as a Sup Dogs chili cheese dog. Be ready for people to ask, “where’s my wiener?” while you’re walking around Franklin St.


3.) The Religious Costume:

What’s a Halloween at UNC without bad choices? Dress up as Gary the Pit Preacher. All you need is: a suit and tie, a huge sign that says “Fear God.” From there, randomly yell hateful words at UNC students passing by!


2.) The UNC Basketball Player Costume:

Just throw on a Joel Berry jersey and you’ll look exactly like him. When you actually run into Joel Berry during Halloween he will be dressed up as himself, and this will be quite embarrassing for him, because it’ll look like he copied your costume.


1.) The Asshole Professor Costume:

At some point, as a student at UNC you’ll have to take a midterm the day after Halloween. What better way to give back to your oh-so-gracious professor by dressing up as him for Halloween? All you’ll need are some nerdy glasses, a lame-ass tie with an ugly pattern, some pants that are always slightly too small, a comb-over, and to make sure to constantly keep randomly reassuring everyone around you that you promise you’re a nice person.

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