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BREAKING: The MRC Will Be Closing in 15 Minutes

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Authorities in Chapel Hill are reporting the impending closure of the Media Resource Center in the Robert B. House Undergraduate Library. The story stems from reports by students of an overhead announcement just made throughout the UL at exactly 9:30.

“The Media Resource Center will be closing in 15 minutes,” said the voice over the loudspeaker. “Please return any materials and equipment to the desk.”

Some students studying in the UL were shaken by the tone of the announcement.

“It was so eerie,” said first year Camille Shafer. “There I was, studying orgo in complete silence when, bam! This terrifying warning.”

Others were unsure what it meant.

“What is the Media Resource Center?” asked first year Jamie Jones. “Is it in the J-School?”

The MRC checks out video equipment as well as DVDs of films. Many know it is as the place they accidentally wandered into while looking for the IT Helpdesk. Only one employee of the MRC was available to be interviewed.

“It’s, uh, really not a big deal?” said MRC student employee Jacob Smith. “We just like giving people a heads up. We’ll be open again tomorrow”

Still, students in the UL have been on edge since the announcement.

“Why did they warn me??” asked Shafer.” Are the hours different today? Is someone sitting somewhere in the library hoarding the DVDs they’re supposed to return??”

This story will be updated as the news unfolds. Until then, you know you can get movies online, right?

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