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Desperate UNC Students Struggle to Find Holiday Spirit

Lenoir hot chocolate, basketball lottery registration, and Davis streakers. Holiday spirit is here at UNC. Unfortunately, at UNC, finals season is hot on its heels. It can be hard getting into the holiday spirit with the threat of failure breathing down your neck, but Tar Heels are determined to make the best of the situation in whatever way that they can.

“I’ve been living in a haze,” confided double major Thomas Oaks, “All I do is eat, sleep, and write. I went to the game against Tulane, but I spent the whole game trying to do homework for my RELI class. Everyone kept shouting “LUKE!” but all I could think of was the Gospel of Luke, and how it effects our modern-day perception of women.”

Other students are determined to do whatever it takes fit the holidays into their day, even if that means procrastinating.

“I love Christmas,” said sophomore Ella Jones, “but last year I spent December freaking out about finals and barely got to celebrate! I refuse to let that happen again. I was cramming in Davis with my friends last night when I realized: it’s not worth it. So, instead of writing my final paper for English, I wrote a naughty and nice list for key figures at UNC. Luke Maye, Ramses, and the crossing guards are all nice; Carol Folt, Ramses Jr., and the guy who tried to blow up the Davie Poplar are naughty.”

Not everyone is willing to sacrifice study time for the holidays, but even those who are hard at work have ways of fitting holiday spirit into their routine.

“They’ve been putting out hot chocolate in Top of Lenoir, so I just do all of my studying there,” explained Tar Heel Kacey Bartson, “It makes me feel so warm and toasty. Almost like I’m not dying inside. Plus, they have those cute little Christmas trees set up by the burrito station, and if I squint hard enough, I can almost pretend I’m in a real winter wonderland.”

 Whether students are able to balance finals with fun or not, the most important thing is that they are aware of the impending end of the semester. Not all are so lucky.

“Wait, what do mean it’s December?” demanded senior Steve Miller, “Oh shit, oh shit, I have my first final on Friday, and I haven’t studied anything but basketball stats. How did the semester go by so fast?

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